Boundlessly about Kolyo K.

A large retrospective at the City Art Gallery presents the multifaceted work of the Plovdiv artist Kolyo Karamfilov (1963 - 2014). Pieces from various periods, films about and featuring Karamfilov, and a catalogue lay the foundation of what has up to now been missing about Karamfilov's entire career.

Kolyo Karamfilov is the focal point of various, sometimes provocative points of view, creative concepts and attitudes. He is one of a small group of Bulgarian artists with sharply distinctive regional and at the same time national characteristics and significance. Karamfilov worked in nearly all genres of visual art - drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, installations, photography. He also worked as a director and scriptwriter. His works are now in private collections in Bulgaria and abroad.

This is the Kultura i Savremennost Foundation production.



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