Dialogue Projections

Dialogue Projections is a complex project for education and capacity building, which combines three main components - a series of public lectures by Bulgarian world-renowned artists in various professional fields of music, masterclasses, and podcast episodes.

These three units fully and intensively embrace the various aspects of the work of a bright musician and the students, on the one hand, and presenting their dialogic work process in a wide public environment, on the other. The implementation of this project is an additional active platform for stimulating young musicians.

The opera prima Sonya Yoncheva, Mario Hossen (violin), Teodosi Spasov (flute), Petar Ralchev (accordion) have confirmed interest in the project.

The implementation of the project starts in the fall of 2021 and continues throughout 2022.

The first component: the lectures are based on the long tradition of the public lectures Projections of the visual, which are extremely successful among the students and Academy community. The lectures aim at the verbal transmission of practical experience - at that important methodological territory, which is our own professional space and to a large part of the students: how to share in words what we do; what is the conceptual emphasis in our creative manifestations; what communicative potential our work has and how the creative message finds concrete expression.

The lectures are public, with free entrance, and are held on the stage in the Concert Hall of the Academy, which has 150 seats.

Recording with English subtitles

The second component: a masterclass that aims to expand new spaces for sharing professional experience. Without limiting itself only to the practical joint work with the students, this module of the project connects the overall creative concepts of the leading specialists and artists and directs the acquisition of specific technical skills by the students, the increase of their technological literacy and readiness, studying and combination of different interpretive techniques and possible means of expression. An essential goal of the project is the direct interaction between the outstanding artists and the personality of the students, the formation of their personal motivation for professional and creative development.

The third component: the podcast of the project Dialogue Projections, seeks to summarize the activities in the previous two components, the stabilization of the trace of the creative touch, the dialogue connection, and the communication process. The conceptual framework of the podcast is a series of radio and video episodes with professional interviews, analytical conversations, and discussions with the artists invited for the project. The duration of the episodes is between 30 to 60 minutes, and listening and downloading - free of charge in a specially designed platform.

YOU can listen to the podcasts in Bulgarian language here.

The project aims to systematize, cover and direct the efforts of the Academy in its transformative mission to be an important mediator of cultural life in the city, to stimulate the exchange of creative ideas and empathy for artistic processes, to transform ideas, and understandings of art. Its essence problematizes a process in which the relationship between author and audience is dynamic.

Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts Prof. Asen Diamandiev Plovdiv, one of the most renowned multi-genre education institutions in arts in the country, is the author of the project, which is part of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture.

Public lecture of Nayden Todorov

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