ONE DANCE WEEK is the largest forum in Bulgaria, dedicated entirely to contemporary dance. The festival started in 2008 and since 2017 is part of the Plovdiv ECoC 2019 programme. The 13th edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance ONE DANCE WEEK in 2021 is implemented as part of the Legacy programme.

ONE DANCE WEEK presents in Plovdiv some of the most interesting and significant performers and practices in the field of contemporary dance from the world. The programme of the festival presents companies and choreographers who provoke the audience with a different and diverse range of ideas.

The 14th edition, planned for May - June 2022, plans on performances from France, Norway, Portugal, Canada, Korea.

The trend of expanding the scope of the already known format of the festival with "country in focus" continues and in 2022 the spotlight is focused on Portugal.

The festival programme will also feature premieres produced within the large-scale European project BIG PULSE, of which One Dance Week is part as the only representative from the Balkans among European dance festivals.

The 2022 edition takes further steps for sustainability and development of the new multi-channel digital platform ONE FOR ALL, which launched in mid-2020 continues to create quality online content - texts, podcasts, videos. A number of events are programmed to take place throughout the year - lectures presented by leading figures in the field of contemporary dance; workshops led by choreographers who will visit Plovdiv; rich online content that presents the most significant contemporary dance artists "behind the scenes" or with their performances.

PROGRAMME /updated on regular basis/:

In order to celebrate properly, from December 1 to 25, for the first time there is an opportunity for the most ardent fans of modern dance to have a blindfolded festival pass. The quantity is limited, and the price is quite extraordinary and will remain so until December 25: BGN 100. To request a festival pass from the pre-sale, you need to send an email to, entering your full names, and the organizers will return a reply with the details of the purchase.

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International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance ONE DANCE WEEK (2022) - implemented by Foundation ONE for Culture and Arts. The project is part of the Legacy 2 programme of Plovdiv 2019.

One Dance Week със специален фестивален пас за първото пролетно издание на фестивала - 2022

The queen of the Korean underground scene is coming to Bulgaria for the first time

The impressive show DRAGONS by EUN-ME AHN (SOUTH KOREA) will be presented on June 3 by ONE DANCE WEEK.



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