Modern technologies and puppet theatrе - a creative laboratory

Modern technologies and puppet theatrе - a creative laboratory is a project for the realization of the first in Plovdiv creative laboratory for artists in the field of puppet theater.

The main goal is to explore the possibilities and means by which modern technologies can enrich the theatre performance, to help the more complete presentation of artistic ideas, without compromising the specifics of puppetry since technology is entering the puppet theatre more and more actively.

Within ten days, in July 2022, artists from the field of puppet theatre, together with specialists in digital technology will experiment with video technology and multimedia, mobile applications, 3D mapping, sound and light design, AR, VR. At the center of these studies is the puppet - as the main means of expression and the task of studying the synthesis between it and the digital world.

The results are scheduled to be presented to the public on the last day of the event, as well as in the digital communication channels of the NGO 'International Puppet Theater Festival 'THree are too many, Two - Not enough' and the project partners and during the festival TheatAir. Artistic directors of the laboratory are Evelina Kyosovska and Veselin Boydev, directors at the State Puppet Theater Plovdiv.

What was discovered during the laboratory will be used to create a show, together with Puppet Theatre Plovdiv, which enables sustainability and development and opens the project to various audiences in the country and abroad.

The topics underlying the study are:

  • Metamorphosis - not only of the stage character but also of the environment;
  • Illusion - as a means of influence;
  • Animation - a common technique in puppet drama, but also a segment of the movement, a frame of action;
  • Deformation - of the puppet, of the material, of psychophysics.

Project idea of ​​the NGO 'International Puppet Theater Festival 'Three are too many, Two - Not enough', part of the program LEGACY programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture.

Съвременните технологии и кукления театър - творческа лаборатория започва от днес 1 юли!



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