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  1. APPLICATION (New version dated 13.07.2016 of the form Budget)
  2. CONTRACT CONCLUSION (New version dated 06.12.2016)
  3. REPORT (New version dated 14.07.2017)
*Note: The files in excel has to be submitted in both formats: xls and pdf
**Note: please, submit all filled forms in ZIP or RAR archives

You can download all forms in Bulgarian language from HERE



EVOLUATION METHODOLOGY (New version dated 06.12.2016)

І. General Information

This open call for new projects in the programme of Plovdiv 2019 provides an opportunity for implementing cultural projects in partnership with Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019. The call aims to enrich the programme set out in the bid book of the city as European Capital of Culture, with new ideas and partnerships.

The main concept of the programme of Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 is the creation of an exciting and varied cultural programme, long-term improvement of the cultural climate in Plovdiv, positive change in its inhabitants, development of the communication between them and expanding the cultural array of the city and the country through their opening to the European and international stage. The wide range of these objectives determined the broad framework of the programme. The platforms and clusters in it are developed based on the realities and needs of the city, so as to fulfill its potential and enable both the national and the European dimension of the cultural activities in the future Capital of Culture.

Objectives of the Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 

The main objectives of Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 set out in the founding documents and further developed in the application book of the project European Capital of Culture are as follows:

  • – Preparation of the city for European Capital of Culture in 2019.
  • – Promotion of the initiative European Capital of Culture.
  • – Promotion of the city as a cultural and tourist destination.
  • – Establishing long-term partnerships among the Foundation, local, national and international institutions and organizations.
  • –  Encouraging cultural organizations and individuals to work and develop projects together with other organizations (from their partner network or that of the Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019).
  • – Participation of the citizens in the cultural life and improving the dialogue between citizens and cultural institutions.
  • – Supporting the development of cultural and creative industries.
  • – Decentralization of cultural activities and products outside the city center.
  • – Intercultural dialogue, exchange and visits of international artists, cultural managers and events.
  • – Reconsidering and transforming the urban environment through culture.
  • – Removing the boundaries between social, ethnic and minority groups through culture and art.
  • – Linking cultural heritage with modern life.
  • – Capacity building, training and education in the field of cultural management.
  • – Free access to the cultural production of the widest possible audience, including people with disabilities, seniors, groups that are traditionally excluded from cultural life.
  • – Attracting sponsorship and additional funds to implement the projects.

III. Programme priorities

Applications must be  provisionally divided into four program areas, in compliance with the structure of the artistic program of Plovdiv 2019 under the slogan Заедно / Together. The platforms offer only a conceptual framework that is not tied to specific projects from the bid book of the city as European Capital of Culture:


Includes the themes integration of ethnic groups, generations, territories, different social groups and religions. Includes initiatives related to working with isolated minorities and communities, projects designed specifically for Stolipinovo district, presentation of the traditional  local cultures of the Balkans, interaction with festivals, cultural, tourist and social projects in the South Central region.


The platform is oriented to new ways of preserving and presenting the past and placing of cultural heritage in a contemporary context, stepping  aside from the stereotypes of the tourist attraction. It aims to encourage the inclusion of culture and art as a tool for building  more stable communities and to improve citizens’ access to culture. Other important focuses of the programme are contemporary art and the use of new technology and digital media.


Concerns re-thinking and “recycling” of forgotten and abandoned urban spaces, and a change in their perception. The platform includes also work with children and youth audiences, artistic interventions in the public space, projects related to the environment, the area of the Maritsa River and the island of Adata.


The platform is connected to the promotion of sustainable living and concepts as “бавен живот” (Slowl life) or “дерастеж” (Degrowth). The platform is designed to promote green / eco / organic lifestyle – green technologies and products. It also includes interaction between creative and sporting activities, practices to harmonize with the environment, “physical culture”. Music as an opportunity for communication and the most accessible art in all its varieties also falls within this platform.

IV. Requirements, criteria and deadlines for submitting projects

Candidates must provide the following information in pre-specified application form and templates:

  • – Reasonable, accurate and clear project concept, consistent with the one described in the bid
  • – Detailed timeline of project activities, consistent with the timing of the program of the Municipal foundation Plovdiv 2019 (see Annex № 1).
  • – Detailed project budget (Note: For long-term projects the budget and respectively the contractual relation can be updated for each subsequent year within the framework of the previously approved project budget).
  • – Information about the organization – legal status, staff, provided infrastructure, annual budget, projects implemented to date.
  • – Interaction with other partners from the partner network of Municipal foundation Plovdiv 2019.
  • – Interaction with new partners.
  • – Identification of target audiences.
  • – Confirmation (Letter of intent) of the participants indicated in the concept.

Who can participate?

The open call applies to individual and legal persons at home and abroad who submit detailed projects based on conceptual proposals set out in the Bid book.

Eligible for participation are:

  • – Commercial companies, cooperatives and NGOs from Plovdiv, the country and abroad
  • – Municipal and state institutions
  • – Civil associations under the Law of Obligations and Contracts
  • – Major natural persons, who are freelancers registered in the BULSTAT Register (or a similar register in the country in which they are established).

Non-eligible for participation are persons who:

  • are bankrupt or are in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • are in liquidation;
  • have been convicted by a final judgment for an offense against property or against the economy, unless rehabilitated;
  • have not fulfilled the terms of a previous project funding from Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 and Plovdiv Municipality or any other donor organization;
  • have obligations to Plovdiv municipality and the state.
  • are in labor relations with Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019

are members of the bodies of the Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019

Projects and events supported by the cultural calendar of the Municipality of Plovdiv are not eligible for financing under the conditions set out in that regulation..

The same organization or person is eligible to participate with more than one project. More than one partnership in each of the projects is eligible, but the foundation will not allow  duplication of activities for funding.

The detailed terms and conditions of the partnership will be governed by an agreement signed between the selected participant and Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019, based on Bulgarian legislation and in accordance with the Commission’s ranking.

The contracts will be concluded in case of provided financial resources, and if necessary, Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 may require upon signing the contract that selected participants update and structure the activities and timetables.

What are the deadlines?

Projects will be accepted until the end of 2016 and will be reviewed and evaluated by an expert committee which will meet at least three annual sessions.

The deadlines for receiving the documents are:

  1. July 10, 2016 (projects received on 11 July will be accepted as valid, due to the fact that 10 July is Sunday)
  2. October 10, 2016
  3. December 10, 2016 (projects received on 12 December will be accepted as valid, due to the fact that 10 December is Saturday)

Project activities evaluated at the last session are planned in the Foundation’s budget for the next year.

The starting date of implementation of project activities should be planned for at least four months after the date of submitting  the documents.

What is the financial framework of the program?

Approved projects will receive financial aid by Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019, as the amount and allocation of financial aid will be decided on by the Expert committee, according to the evaluation  methodology and based on the proposed budget, its justification, the scale of the project, the experience of the organization or the individual, the planned target groups by the project and the resources of Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019.

A basic requirement to partners is participation with their own contribution to the implementation of projects and the provision of co-financing of at least 30% of the project cost with VAT. By „own contribution” it is considered a financial contribution in the form of financial assets provided for the project objectives as well as in-kind contributions with resources of the organization or third parties, contracted by it.

In-kind contribution is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Includes provided land, real estate, equipment and / or materials, research or professional activities or free, voluntary work etc. for the project
  2. If it is provided by a third party (eg. a public institution, business, etc.), who is not a partner in the project, this contribution should be presented as in-kind contribution provided respectively by the partners who will use it for implementation of project activities (eg. airplane tickets, accommodation, advertising space and packages, food, supplies, printed materials, etc.).
  3. If land and real estate are provided, the value is certified by an independent assessor or the relevant officially authorized institution;
  4. In case of free voluntary work, the value of this work is determined in accordance with the time spent and the standard fee for the respective type of work.

Partnership co-financed by European funds and programmes need pre-synchronization of the projects and applications of the partners with Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 as well as a written consent of the foundation that it is ready to participate as a co-financing partner under the respective  program in accordance with its conditions.

Basic requirements and criteria for approval of projects: 

–          Compliance of the project with the ideological concept of the Programme European Capital of Culture and correct adherence to the objectives and timetable of activities of Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019

  • Enriching the artistic life of the city with new events and content and / or linking cultural heritage with modernity.
  • Completed preparatory phase of the project, clear participants, locations, schedule
  • Innovative approaches and practices, use of digital and modern technologies
  • European dimension
  • Work with other organizations of the partner network of Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 and / or attracting new partners.
  • Involving citizens in project implementation and activities and work with volunteers
  • Clear and reasonable communication strategy
  • Organizational capacity of the organization and proven previous experience
  • Providing funding for the project, incl. non-financial

Procedure for consideration and evaluation of projects:

  1. Projects under the open call be accepted until December 10, 2016 and will be reviewed and evaluated by an expert committee appointed by resolution of the Managing Board of Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019.
  2. Before being evaluated by the expert committee, the projects will be checked for administrative compliance by a three-member commission appointed by decision of the Managing Board of Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 which will verify the completeness of the submitted documents, the eligibility of expenditure referred to therein and the correct completion of the necessary documentation.
  3. The members of the expert committee evaluate individually submitted projects in the order of their incoming reference numbers.
  4. The Expert Committee will meet in three sessions throughout 2016 in which will examine all proposals received. The decision to approve the selected proposals is made by the committee by a majority. A commitee member who is against the decision may sign the protocol with a dissenting opinion and state the reasons in writing.
  5. The announcement of the results from the relevant sessions will be done through publication on the website of the Foundation.
  6. Successful applicants will have to confirm their participation and to sign contracts with Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 within one month from the announcement of the results.
  7. For conceptual proposals set out in the bid book and for which are not submitted detailed projects and funding is available, the Foundation reserves the right to hold special competitions. 
List of documents required at application stage:
  • – Completed application form (template) *
  • – Budget (template) * – the file has to be submitted in format .xls  together with scanned copy that is signed and stamped – in format .pdf.
  • – Detailed description of the project (concept, participants, staff, locations, communication strategy) *
  • – Declaration of the candidate (template). Note: when signing the contract successful applicants will have to prove the absence of obligations by presenting the Certificate of absence of public liabilities to Plovdiv Municipality and the State. *
  • – For candidates-legal entities: certificate of good standing or extract from a commercial/judicial record or an equivalent document certifying the actual status of the applicant organization.
  • – For candidates – natural persons: ID card and certificate of BULSTAT registration / or equivalent registry for freelancers/self-employed in the country where they do business/.*
  • – Declaration on the VAT status – D3 (template)*
  • – Partnership statement  (template)*
All of the above documents has to be submitted together with scanned copy that is signed and stamped – in format .pdf
  • – Detailed information about each of the project partners – legal status, legal representative portfolio of completed projects, contact
  • – Technical Specification  ( template), if applicable
  • – Letters of support, confirmations of participation
  • – Biographies of the team, participants and contractors in the project (template)*
  • – Visual Materials
* Obligatory documents.
All documents, marked as obligatory, must be submitted both in Bulgarian and English.
All documents should be listed in an attached letter. If any of the listed documents should not be submitted – in the list, you must indicate INNAPLICABLE.

Technical requirements

The full package of documents should be sent only electronically. Applications must meet the following requirements:

  1. All documents should be submitted as text files and Excel files AND as signed and scanned pdf-files. Unsigned documents will NOT be accepted!
  2. The subject of the letter should be: 01-Artistic programme: <NAME OF ORGANIZATION> / <PROJECT TITLE>. The text of the letter as briefly as possible must present the following information: name of organization, name of the project and from which platform and cluster it is.
  3. All files should be named according to those in the open call required documents.
  4. The maximum permitted size of the package of documents is 10 MB. If the file size is larger, the application should be submitted through the file sharing platform.
  5. Permitted file formats are: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf; additional audio-visual materials: .jpg, .jpeg, .mov, .avi, .mp3, .wav. All other formats will not be considered!
  6. Each project proposal of an organization or individual must be sent in a separate letter.

Contact and additional information:

E-mail for Q&A devoted to the open call:

E-mail for submitting the forms:


  1. APPLICATION (New version dated 13.07.2016 of the form Budget)
  2. CONTRACT CONCLUSION (New version dated 06.12.2016)
  3. REPORT (New version dated 14.07.2017)
*Note: The files in excel has to be submitted in both formats: xls and pdf
**Note: please, submit all filled forms in ZIP or RAR archives

You can download all forms in Bulgarian language from HERE


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