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The open call to participate in the third phase of the competition for funding proposals under the project of “Plovdiv 2019” – “Kapana Creative District”, direction “Kapana: Events and Interventions in Public Spaces” received 27 proposals. The jury chose to support nine projects, among which to allocate the grant of 20 000 lv and offer two reserves. Conceptual proposals of the candidates covered all levels set out in the terms of the invitation – interventions in a public environment, urban gardening, active interaction of participants, educational initiatives, artistic interventions in urban environments, workshops and demonstrations.

The favorites of the jury of this competition brought several essential features that neighborhood Kapana carries as a potential or displayed as necessary, namely: cultural revival of physical objects that gives life to the neighborhood; Lack of “green” elements on the specifics of the neighborhood give particular focus on performances of urban gardening; Temporary artistic interventions in the public space, which give active impulse for the time given slot; Active educational initiatives that poses interest, provoke knowledge and gradually saturate the lack of knowledge and awareness.


The jury selects:

The “5 for 4” foundation for their project “Kapana is”. Allocation of 3500 bgn

Association “Theatre of fire and shadows – Fireter” project LICA / FACES / CARAS. Allocation – 5000 bgn

NGO Association BioNetwork “Plant Kapana” gets 3400 bgn

“Trendy KAPANA” on Alenia Ltd. receives support of 2,000 bgn

NGO “School Board of art schools” for “Celebration in a Box” received 1,300 bgn

1000 bgn received the project of “Dirya” – “Urban composting”

Workshop and demonstration of Chiprovo carpets ET “CHUSHKARCHETO’ supported by 1,000 bgn

The interactive educational project “Eco School PLOVEDIV” of “Kontrabranda” Ltd. receives 1,800 lbgn

Workshops for carving candles “Ethno Style” Ltd. with support from 1000 bgn

The jury selected reserve projects of the “Plovdiv Photography Centre” for a series of photographic exhibitions and outdoor Association “Key – Turn” for performances for children and adults.

Protocol of the jury’s selection here.


Here are the details of the Open Call

The Project Kapana Creative District aims to develop the potential of this central urban zone as an area of investigation, innovation and experiments in the cultural sphere, the creative industries and cultural management. The project is part of the programme of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture in the cluster “Urban Dreams” devoted to long-lasting and stable interventions in the urban zone, rethinking and revitalization of the forgotten spaces and the applying of new cultural function in them. With series of approaches, assisting the artistic initiatives and the entrepreneurship in Kapana District, Plovdiv 2019 Foundation works for its affirmation as the first quarter of creative industries in the country. The two consecutive phases of the project since 2014 till the present moment gave the opportunity to the creative industries to find its natural place in the quarter. Our next step aims the development of yet another side of the potential of the district and the attraction of artistic audience in it.

Plovdiv 2019 Foundation gives the start to the third phase of the project with an open call for financial support of events and interventions in public spaces in Kapana, which to happen from December 2016 till May 2017.

The open call is dedicated to realization of:

– Artistic interventions in Public spaces, such as installations, sculptures, objects projections

– Functional and decorative design in an urban environment, area specific and site-specific expression and identification of the district

– Urban Gardening

– Exhibitions, dance performances, theater, music, cinema

  • Campaigns and acts

The project proposals should comply with:

  • The specific characteristics, the status, the history and the contemporary life of the district
  • The goals of the project to develop Kapana as an area for cultural and creative activity
  • The realities of the particular place for which they are suggested and designed
  • The audience which is targeted, as numbers and type
  • The ordinance on public order and security
  • The ordinance on trade activities

The evaluation of the projects proposals will be done on the basis of the following criteria:

  • High artistic value of the project/event
  • Contribution to the implementation of the goals of the Kapana Creative District Project
  • Contribution to the development and the improvement of the urban environment
  • Contribution for attracting and developing new audiences
  • Inclusion of the citizens and the people living in the quarter in the realization of the project

Total budget of the open call – 20 000 BGN. Dead line for applying – 30 November 2016

Plovdiv 2019 does not fix a maximum amount of funding and this way leaves the jury the option to choose how much and what kind of projects and interventions to support. The main requirement towards the applicants is the required sum to be no more 70% of the whole budget of the project. The participation with own contribution might also be in-kind. The amount of the funding provided by the call has been decided on the bases of the decision of the jury and according the budget and the size of the specific project. The Foundation covers the expenses for: production (materials and supplies), fees, rent of technique. The Foundation does not cover expenses for acquiring of fixed assets, long-term repair costs and administrative expenses. In the cases in which the jury approves a project but with a reduction of the required sums in the budget activities, which changes the structure of the budget, the applicant will have one week term after the public announcement of the results, to confirm in written form whether he will realize the project according the new financial conditions and if yes to present in the office of Plovdiv 2019 foundation the updated budget. Projects and events which have received the support of the cultural calendar of Plovdiv Municipality do not have the right to apply for financial support, according the present regulation. There are no restrictions regarding the number of projects with which one organization or individual may apply. It is also acceptable more than one partnership in each of the projects, yet the Foundation will not tolerate double funding of activities. The detailed conditions and obligations of the partnership are subject of the contract that the approved applicant signs with Plovdiv 2019 Foundation on the basis of the Bulgarian Legislation and in accordance with the rating the jury had made.

  1. Who can participate?
  • Bulgarian and/or foreign lawful age individuals, craftsmen or freelancers registered in the BULSTAT register (or a similar register in the country in which they are established).
  • Bulgarian or foreign legal entities. Bulgarian legal entities should be registered under the Law for Non-Profit organizations or the Commercial Law. The foreign legal entities should present a document certifying their registration and current status under the law in the State where they are established;
  • Cooperatives under the Cooperatives Act;
  • Civil associations under the Obligations and Contracts Act.

Non-eligible for participation are persons who:

  • Are bankrupt or are in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • are in liquidation;
  • Have debts to the state or to the Plovdiv Municipality, established by an act of a competent authority or obligations to security authorities, unless the competent authority is allowed rescheduling or deferral of duties;
  • have been convicted by a final verdict for an offense against property or against the economy, unless rehabilitated;
  • – have not fulfilled the terms of a previous project funding from Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 and Plovdiv Municipality or any other donor organization;
  • are in labor relations with Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019

The implementation of the above stated requirements is certified by a declaration which is an integral part of the application documents.

  1. List of required documents:
  1. Filled in application form (template) *
  2. CV /creative portfolio/ of the applicant, respectively to the representative of the juridical entity *
  3. For candidates-legal entities: certificate of good standing or extract from a commercial/judicial record or an equivalent document certifying the actual status of the applicant organization. For candidates – natural persons: ID card and certificate of BULSTAT registration / or equivalent registry for freelancers/self-employed in the country where they do business/.*
  4. Declaration of participation and authenticity of the candidate (template)*.
  5. Declaration for copyright of the project (template) *
  6. Partnership statement letters (if applicable)
  7. Graphic and video materials, presenting the project – visualizations, pictures, etc.  (if applicable)

The documents marked with „*“ are obligatory. Applications missing some of the obligatory documents will not be evaluated.

III. Technical requirements

  1. All template documents should be submitted as required form of the template. The documents which require signature of the applicant should be submitted signed  also as sanned files.
  2. The subject of the letter should be: <NAME OF ORGANIZATION>. The message body of the letter should present the following information: the name of organization and the name of the project.
  3. The maximum permitted size of the package of documents is 10 MB. If the file size is larger, the application should be submitted through the file sharing platform.
  4. Permitted file formats are: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf; additional audio-visual aids materials: .jpg, .jpeg, .mov, .avi, .mp3, .wav. All other formats will not be considered
  5. Each project proposal of an organization or individual must be sent in a separate mail.
  6. The full package of documents should be sent only electronically latest till 17.00 h on 30th November 2016 to the following address:
  1. Jury
  • Ms Velisslava Popova – chief editor of “Dnevnik” newspaper. Has a rich experience as marketing director in one of the largest publishing companies – “Economedia.” For more than six years works as a reporter and editor of the column “Media and Advertising” in the newspaper “Capital”.
  • Arch. Ivan Kolev – expert in the National Institute of Immovable Cultural Heritage. Graduates the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. Cofounder of the Initiative for creation of National strategy for immovable cultural heritage of Bulgaria ( Member of the Bulgarian National Committee of ICOMOS and the Union of Bulgarian Architects – association “Architectural legacy”.
  • Krassimir Stavrev – partner in PUNKT studio. MA in “Book and print graphics” at the National Academy of Arts. Works in the sphere of branding and visual identity, graphic and web design, font and typography, illustration and more.
  • Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva – Artistic Director (Plovdiv 2019 Foundation)
  • Gina Kafedjian – manager project and events (Plovdiv 2019 Foundation)

The event in the social network you can find Here

The official fan-page of Kapana check Here

Trace interesting and inspiring examples from around the world for events and interventions in public spaces Here

Set of documents for applying – all the documents might be found HERE.

The Exemplary contract that we sign in case of approval find HERE


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