The first official report of the monitoring of “Plovdiv 2019” has been published

A little more than a month after the official monitoring in Brussels, the jury of the international Commission sent his formal comment and recommendations to “Plovdiv 2019” foundation. The report emphasized on the positive assessment made last year so far, the progress on the flagship program of the European Capital of Culture and the pragmatic  approach of the team in terms of tacking issues. The jury gave a positive assessment to the strong political support that the project has from the local authorities.

The first official monitoring of Plovdiv  – European Capital of Culture was held in Brussels on 12th of October. The mayor eng. Ivan Totev and Deputy mayor Stefan Stoyanov, as members of the Board of the Foundation and the Municipality of Plovdiv, the directors of the Foundation Valeri Kyorlenski and Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva and project manager Gina Kafedzhiyan as representatives of the operating team working on the realization of the major projects, attended at the meeting with the international jury.

During the meeting the team from Plovdiv had to answer important questions concerning the management, allocation of responsibilities, budget planning and infrastructure, and the development of the program. In the report,  published on the website of the commission, the jury accented on key points and issues raised during the meeting and give its recommendations for further development and project work.

Vital recommendations are implemented for the first time document not only to the local government and the organization responsible for the European project, but also to the state management. In a special recommendation note the committee addresses the Bulgarian government outlining the necessity of an immediate regulation of the voted and approved funding for Plovdiv -European Capital of Culture. Planning and successful implementation of the project depends entirely on the proper implementation of the government commitments. The topic of the European Capital of Culture’s budget has been raised repeatedly  in public space from different directions, but so far the problem has not found its solutions.

The jury expressed his willingness to cooperate and further support during the meeting with the team in October.

In the report, the jury also made other recommendations in the direction of maximum pragmatic and positive interaction. These include deadlines for clear timetables on programming and infrastructure priorities of the city next year and overall planning of the program for 2019, creating a clear marketing and communication strategy to translate into simple language messages in the program, optimize budgets, increase development measures and capacity building audiences of the project, publishing regular reports on the progress of the initiate.

Full report in English with the corresponding periods in the recommendations and specific projects included in them can be found HERE.

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