Book of Events 2019

'Changing' Takes a National Tour

Starting February 13th, 2020

The Brothers Karamazov

at the Ivan Vazov National Theater on 18 February 2020

© Stefan N. Shterev

Wroclaw Breaks the Iron Curtain

This is the last chance to visit this interesting exhibition that reflects the fate of entire Central-European region (28 January – 28 February 2020)

'100% Plovdiv' Book

A portrait of the city by 100 people: partly theater, partly reality, but 100% Plovdiv

The Alafranga Time

Exhibition will be in the National Ethnographic Museum


12th January 2020

Rijeka and Galway

will hold the title of European Capital of Culture 2020

More Than 55 Issues

Plovdiv Typeface

Free download at – a typeface family created with Plovdiv in mind and inspired by the city’s character – varied, multi-layered, tolerant and unified



More of the Focuses so far

Welcome to the Website of Plovdiv 2019

After four years of preparation, Plovdiv 2019’s lineup includes more than 320 projects and nearly 900 events covering not just Plovdiv but also the entire South Central Region as well as the cities finalists from the second round of the competition – Varna, Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo.

All the projects of  2019 are shown in the – Book of events – one year, one motto #together and more than 320 projects selected through open-calls according to the bid-book of Plovdiv and ordered chronologically and gathered thematically in the four platforms – FUSE, TRANSFER, REVIVE, AND RELAX 

Here you can check our programme highlights. They are chosen according to their potential to gather the most numerous and colourful audiences highlight the high amplitudes in the calendar. Here are the printed editions for public events in FebruaryMarchAprilMay, June, July, August, September (check our special selection of events for children in September), October, NovemberDecember.

The purpose of the European Capital of Culture programme is precisely to challenge preconceived notions towards the purpose and character of art, where it appears and the people who create it. The initiative aims to maximize the authenticity of cultural events within the city, to find actively engage the audience and, above all, to achieve the state which can be gathered simply and clearly in the motto ‘Together’.

Cultural Events in Plovdiv


Historical Monuments and Artistic Objects Preserved by Plovdiv Families (11.01 - 30.03.2020)

An Exhibition at the Regional Archeological Museum in Plovdiv as part of Closing events

The National Ethnographic Museum in Sofia Will Host the Exhibition 'The Alafranga Time' (23.01 – 18.04.2020)

Where Sofia
Programme Revive

Wroclaw Breaks the Iron Curtain (28 January – 28 February 2020)

This is the last chance to visit this interesting exhibition that reflects the fate of entire Central-European region

1 500 000 BGN is the amount for Open call 'Legacy'

Новият УС на Фондация „Пловдив 2019“ взе важни решения

Book with events 2019

The Monthly Newsletters of Plovdiv 2019



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