Mission, Vision, Values

The European Capital of Culture project mobilizes a lot of energy in Plovdiv, shiftes the heavy cultural layers, breaks down the good and the bad, and brings to light the problems and the great cultural contributions.

Its realization as a responsibility and meaning is a turning point not only for the thousands of artists and representatives of the cultural scene who became involved, but also for the social climate in the city as a whole, for the new concept of urban space built through the means of art and the vastly expanded horizon for the understanding of culture.

The project itself realizes as a kind of artistic census, a long and complex process, which reaches in different forms to each of the residents of Plovdiv, including to very remote points in the South Central region of Bulgaria and leaves considerable memories and new experiences for many.

Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva, PhD, Artistic Director, Plovdiv 2019 Foundation

Plovdiv is proud of its ancient heritage and its status as one of the oldest European cities. The identity of the city and its citizens are marked by deep layers of the past. The meeting between different cultures, communities and groups has always been the biggest challenge, as well as the best drive for the city’s development. “Together” is more than a path to a more integrated community, it is our vision for making culture more accessible so that it can make our lives more meaningful, our city more vibrant and attractive.

#together we

Share the differences

We search for the crossing points between different social groups, in order to rethink the stereotypes and find out how we can benefit from our differences.

Transform the city

We transform forgotten urban spaces, as well as peoples’ mindsets, in order to make Plovdiv a better place to live in and a more attractive tourist destination.

Create heritage for the future

We turn past into future, also through new technologies, in order to create a bridge between eras, generations and cultural and archaeological layers.

Master the art of living

We include slow food, sport, music, the bohemian lifestyle, in order to learn how to live completely and sustainably, to enjoy art and nature to the fullest.

Check all projects in 2019 – Book of Events  A year and more than 320 projects #together, selected in open calls in accordance with the Bid Book, have been sorted chronologically and thematically into four programme platforms – Fuse, Transform, Revive, and Relax. Check also the LEGACY programme.

The Marketing report for the effect of the title you can find Here.

Read the Legacy of Volunteers here.

The bilingual catalogue of the Adata AiR features the projects realized within the programme and their authors. You can download it from HERE or read it online HERE. The design and the visual identity – PUNKT Studio.



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