Plovdiv in the Best places in Europe to visit for 2019: A modern-day Grand Tour of CNN Travel.

Plovdiv in the The best places to visit in 2019 of NEW YORK POST.

Plovdiv is a part of the top tourist destinations for 2019 in THE INDEPENDENT’s travel list.

SPIEGEL ONLINE - "One of the oldest cities in Europe is chic: Plovdiv in Bulgaria will become the European Capital Culture 2019".

DIE ZEIT throws a first glance at Matera 2019 and Plovdiv 2019.

DIE WELT explores the reasons why you should visit Plovdiv in 2019.

Plovdiv is part of the Wanderlust hotlist of MSN as top 15 places you need to visit.

EL PAIS about Plovdiv and how European culture looks East in 2019.

EURONEWS - Plovdiv and Matera - European Capitals of Culture 2019.

THE BUDAPEST TIMES - “Culture, history ‘Together’ at Plovdiv in 2019”.




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