From Toledo to Plovdiv. The Journey of the Jewish Sephardic Song

The audience will come in touch with the ancient cultural identity of the Sephardic Jews as part of the multilayered diversity of Plovdiv. The musical, theatrical and multimedia performance ‘From Toledo to Plovdiv: The Journey of the Jewish Sephardic Song’ presents 14 authentic songs in Ladino the language spoken by the Sephardic Jews who found refuge in the town of Plovdiv from the Spanish Inquisition in 1492.

The songs will be performed by the actress Eva Volitzer under the accompaniment of three musicians: Yavor Jelev – flute, Videlin Jejev – violin and Hristo Neichev – acoustic guitar. Set designer is Jana Dvoretska and the choreographer is Tania Sokolova.  

The Ladino songs, as preserved from the time of Miguel de Cervantes, are songs of love, youth, beauty, happiness, and longing. Handed down through the ages by word of mouth these songs have been the life companions of many generations. The performances can be seen at different venues in Plovdiv: The Jewish Community Center Shalom (14 March 2019), Cultural Center Trakart (16 April 2019), Regional History Museum (14 May 2019), Community Center Chitalishte Petko R. Slaveikov (8 June 2019). The performance will be in Burgas on 11 September at the Shalom Hall, in Varna on 12 September at Plenarna Hall, and in Vienna, Austria, on 3 October 2019 at Instituto Cervantes.

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