Presentation of the Chitalishte platform (under the project 'Plovdiv neighborhoods - TOGETHER')

On the 20th of December 2018 in the Shalom Aleichem 1945 Chitalishte was presented the pilot version of the "Chitalishta“ online platform, which includes and connects all Chitalishte in the city of Plovdiv and presents their activities in a virtual information network with a single event calendar. Chitalishte platform is one of the results of the project "Plovdiv neighborhoods - TOGETHER".

The meeting was attended by representatives of a large part of the Chitalishte in the town, the team and the partners of the project, representatives from the "Plovdiv 2019" Foundation. The online platform is on and is integrated with the overall virtual portfolio of Plovdiv. The initial design of the site, its informative and functional features were presented. Its main categories are a list of all Chitalishte, organized by regions, with their brief history and descriptions, their activities, spaces such as libraries, reading rooms, exhibition spaces, concert halls and many others. The platform offers an updated event calendar and current news from the Chitalishte and their activities.

The site has an integrated map with all Chitalishte in Plovdiv and their location. The accent of the platform is the possibility to send inquiries to the Chitalishte about renting spaces, events venues or participating in activities. As part of the basic idea of the "Chitalishta“ online platform is visibility, access to culture and a single calendar of cultural events in all neighborhood chitalishta in Plovdiv. The platform will be improved and refreshed throughout 2019.

The project has been ongoing through 2018 and 2019 and includes the creation of a virtual portfolio of the neighborhoods of Plovdiv, including the Chitalishte. The aim is to present the neighborhoods and communities of Plovdiv in their TOGETHER-ness. The neighborhoods of Plovdiv have their own life, their memory and images, which often remain unknown. The project team carries out ethnographic and visual mapping of Plovdiv, which aims to present neighborhood heritages and, in addition, to follow the life of the Chitalishte and the participation of the citizens in the cultural life of the city.

The project is carried out by the Department of Ethnology at the Faculty of Philosophy and History at Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”, in partnership with the Association for Culture, Ethnology and Anthropology “Mediator”, Stoyna Krastanova Foundation, Shalom Aleychem - 1945 Chitalishte, with the help of the Regional Expert Advisory and Information Centers (RECIC) - Plovdiv and the Union of Municipal Chitalishte - Plovdiv and the technical support of CartLab.

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