Plovdiv Karavana (Art Workshops – 19 – 21 February 2019)

For three days (19-21 February 2019), artistic workshops will be held with artists from Arts Nomades and les artpenteurs.

Workshop with Arts Nomades.

The workshop looks for ways to emotionally infect the audience. Messages in a chorus of convinced protesters, followers, or cause defenders can touch the hearts of viewers and turn them into actors in a show.

The workshops are headed by France Everard, a scenographer, plastic specialist and Andreas Christou, an actor, open-air theater and small theater specialist. For 15 years they have been involved in the direction of the traveling theater.

The form of theatre in the public space that Arts Nomades offers sways between performance and invisible theatre. For many years, the company’s projects have put into action characters born from our collective unconscious. 


© Arts Nomades

Workshop with les artpenteurs.

The workshop is led by the Swiss traveling artist les artipenteurs, with artistic directors and co-founders Chantal Bianchi and Thierry Crozat. The aim of their participation in the workshops is to work on Homer's Odyssey. Bulgarian and French translations will be compared, and readings, lyrics and rhythmic verbs will be exercised.

Their approach is by creating magical and satirical worlds to send a free, merry and rebellious message. The artistic team is socially engaged and combines different genres such as comedy, masquerade, nonverbal theater, poetry, music, songs and humor. With their project, artpenteurs reach out to people in their immediate living environment, share with them their hospitality at the crossroads of art, ideas and fun.

© les artpenteurs

The workshops build on the content of previous lessons held in June and November 2018. They are suitable for those who have already taken part, as well as for acting students and professional actors.

Entance is free, 14:00 – 18:00 every day, at SKLAD (16 Еkzarh Yosif Str).

Working language: English.

The events are part of the Plovdiv Karavan project.



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