Active Disabled People Create Cyrillic Alphabet Alley (Discussions and Workshops)

The project's activities since December 2018 include a motivational poll conducted among 37 disabled people from the Kuklen Municipality as well as motivational meetings, press conferences and discussions with the active involvement of volunteers, people with disabilities, citizens and representatives of different organizations.
From February to April 2019, motivational meetings with a psychologist and social worker and workshops were held together with volunteers.
The agenda of meetings includes the following topics:
Good recipes for dealing with stress and problems - matching experience among the participants;
Role-play game "The Game of Letters and Names"; Sources of good self-esteem; Self-confirmation by rethinking the Bulgarian identity.
During the meetings the participants will become acquainted with the work of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, the initiatives on The Earth Day related to the South region, as well as with the preparation of the opening of the event.

The project is a production of the Kuklen-based National Association for Social Cooperation and Partnership.



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