Film Factory: Travel through Time (Highlights in March Programme)

The ‘Film Factory – Travel through Time’ film festival (18 March - 30 June 2019) presents quality selection of contemporary feature films and documentaries from around the world. A special highlight is the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

The festival programme in March and April includes films about nature, our past, our present and our future - the politics that steer our lives, our daily routine - fashion, food and all those things that inspire us.

Highlights in March Programme:

  • March 18 from 18:30 - Screening of FREE SOLO at Cinema "Faces" (Trakia district) with special guest Debra Zimmerman, director of the NYC-based organization Women Makes Movies;
  • March 23 from 17:00 - Screening of "A NORTHERN SOUL" and "A SYRIAN LOVE STORY" at the Cultural Center "White House" (located in the Old Town) with special guest Sean McAllister, the director of both films, who will discuss with the public the details of documentary film-making;
  • March 25 from 18:30 - Screening of "THE SILENCE OF OTHERS" by directors Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar. Where: Cinema "Faces" (Trakia district)
  • March 26 from 20:00 - Screening of "AMY", Oscar and BAFTA-winner from "Best Documentary Film" for 2016 at LUCKY Cinema House. The night will continue with a jazz concert where "Kerana & Kosmonavtite" will perform an Amy Whinehouse tribute at bar Craft, Kapana.


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Announcements of more screenings coming soon!

The project is an Art Fest production.

Film Factory – Travel Through Time Film Festival in Plovdiv



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