The bkvAR project: Collective Experience: AR Installation

The "bkvAR" project is an ephemeral installation built on the façade of Central Post Plovdiv, using an augmented reality technology. Visible through mobile devices (phone, tablet), by pre-installed free application, bearing the same name. The app allows the spectator to become also participant in the event, to record and share photos and videos on the social networks.

The work is devoted to the preservation, dissemination and evolution of the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet and its original graphic forms. Also supports the "For Bulgarian Cyrillic Alphabet" Manifesto, created by lecturers and students of the National Academy of Fine Arts Sofia.

Launching date: 5 June

Place: Central Post Office Plovdiv, Central Square

Duration: 2 months

Note: We kindly remind you to download the mobile app bkvAR and to turn your mobile data on, if you want to join the experience.

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What is the link between Reality Waveform Theory, Buddhist epistemology, the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and the Burning Man Festival in Nevada? The power of the human mind and the sense that we are all connected. We are trying to implement this universal knowledge in new media practices and to create a project, an art piece or just a social experiment, devoted to a shared and collective consciousness. Beyond differences such as race, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, we truly believe WE ARE ALL ONE, invisible living organism, a mass mind that we are all participants in and which is responsible for taking decisions on a global scale.

As a part of the official program of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 the project is related particularly to the Bulgarian Cyrillic аlphabet. A virtual space is available for public intervention and even if you are not familiar with our language and letters, please give it a try, participate and leave your message to the world. Your text will be ephemeral and will last for a short time, depending on other users activity. But just like your thoughts, your entry will not completely disappear - it will be collected and preserved in a database, lately explored and exposed again, so be careful and choose your words well.

With regard to technical and aesthetic parameters, all entries are limited to 20 characters or 5 words. As specified in the project's statement of purpose, the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet is the only available writing mode on the application.

Studio "OTAIKA" was founded in 2018 in Paris, by Anna Bacheva and Stefan Hristov to develop projects in the field of audiovisual and new media arts. The "bkvAR" augmented reality app is created by AVR1. Original font by Alexander Nedelev.

The project is a Studio OTAIKA production.

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The bkvAR project: Collective Experience: AR Installation



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