Opening of the exhibition TEREN MEDEA (20 May - 16 June 2019)

THE NATIONAL GALLERY presents "TEREN MEDEDIA" on a new terrain - KVADRAT 500! (May 20 - June 16, 2019)

When: Opening on May 20, Monday at 18.00
Where: KVADRAT 500, Hall 19 ('St. Alexander Nevski Square', 1 '19 February Street')

After the four-day performance of "TEREN MEDEDIA" at the Sofia City Art Gallery in April 2019 and the great interest it has created, we are fortunate to continue this exhibition in a new spatial version

Expect a program of the accompanying events.

The exhibition presents all the stages of the realisation and upgrading of "Medea," a theatre project which explores the abilities contemporary theatre products have to take on roles in the fields of integration and education.
Now, two months before the official premiere of "Medea" on the stage of the Plovdiv Ancient Theatre (28 June 2019), visitors will have an opportunity for a peek behind the wings. They will be able to learn about how the team behind the production came up with the concept and how it has seen it through.
The genesis of the Medea-Jason conflict will be presented by means of various visual materials -- pictures, photographs, videos, text and mockups.
The exhibition will present:
- Psychodramatic workshops led by Alexandra Gocheva, Georgi Gochev and Snezhina Petrova as recorded by Nayo Titsin.
- Art studios run by Tsvetelina Spiridonova.
- Photographs of the actors involved in the project as shot by Pavel Chervenkov.
- Set design projects of Sina Gentsch, assistant to Prof. Katrin Brack at the Fine Arts Academy in Munich, and her students, in cooperation with students of set design at the New Bulgarian University under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Hristina Dyakova.
- The results of clipclaptheatre, a campaign for support of theatre education of children, started by Snezhina Petrova in 2018.
The exhibition texts were composed jointly with Yvette Michelfelder, a teacher of theatre studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Munich. Graphic design by Lunohod Studio/Teodora Simova.

The project is a Legal Art Centre production in partnership with The New Bulgarian University, Alliance for Equal Rights and Sustainability, Arax Foundation, Shalom Organisation of the Jews in Bulgaria, Plovdiv University 'Paisii Hilendarski', and Goethe-Institut Bulgaria



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