EVN Collection: Franz Kapfer / Lazar Lyutakov / Martina Vacheva (13.09 – 13.10.2019)

When: 13.09-13.10
Exhibition curated by Thomas D. Trummer, Director of Kunsthaus Bregenz.
Organizer: Heike Meier-Rieper, member of the Arts council of EVN Collection
Location: SKLAD at 16 Ekzarh Yosif Str. in the Tobacco City, 2nd Floor

13 September, NIGHT Plovdiv
8 p.m.

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The "EVN Collection" exists since 1995 and is a corporate collection of contemporary art in Maria Enzersdorf, Austria. The collection is focused on a brief historical period (works from the late nineteen-eighties until today). A typical feature of the collection is the variety of media and the aim of presenting contemporary positions. In addition to acquisitions, the jury also initiates exhibitions, art projects and commissions, including by Hans-Peter Feldmann, Franz Erhard Walther and VALIE EXPORT. The exhibition for SKLAD in Plovdiv is part of this series of special projects and was developed especially for this venue in close collaboration with the three artists.

Franz Kapfer shows silhouettes of devils dangling from the ceiling. They cast ghostly shadows. They are adaptations of motifs found in the frescoes of the Rila Monastery, built in the 18th century and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lazar Lyutakov shows a series of homemade lamps, with which he questions consumer habits and points to ecological, economic and aesthetic problems.

Martina Vacheva shows ceramic statues sitting on mounds. They are poetic collages reminiscent of the aesthetics of chambers of wonder. Art and nature are treated equally.



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