Europe in Drops of Poetry (5 – 18 November)

Plovdiv Wakes Up Treading on Songs Lyrics

The 32 inscriptions, produced with a special technology and pasted onto sidewalks, become visible only when wet or after a rain.

Poetry will enter our daily life thanks to the project 'Europe in Drops of Poetry': graffiti of lyrics excerpts are laid in various venues across the city. Curious is that they are created with a special technology, they can be seen only when wet or when it's raining. It's a fully environmentally friendly project: the letters fade out in under eight weeks. The task of executing the project falls on to the artist Simona Kozhuharova.

Game (5-18 November)

In the two weeks from 5 to 18 November you can take part in the game that MM Television has dedicated to locating the lyrics across the city. Find the place, make a selfie, and post it online. Make sure you tag yourself. The big award — to be announced shortly – will go to whoever discovers and takes pictures of all 32 inscriptions. Find information about the locations and the performers, as well as trivia about the songs, on MM’s website and also on the soon-to-launch show “Arena Evropa.”

The lyrics – from songs performed by artists from various EU countries – can be seen at selected locations across Plovdiv. The MM TV station has made sure the quotations come from performers representative of the EU countries they come from — among them, The Beatles, ABBA, Toto Cutugno, Lara Fabian, Joe Dassin, Rammstein, Karel Gott, Omega, Inna and Nightwish. The featured Bulgarian performers (except for Pasha Hristova (“A Bulgarian Rose”)) were selected in a survey on MM’s Facebook page and include Lili Ivanova (“I Was for You”), Vasil Naidenov (“I Feel Fabulous”) and Stefan Valdobrev (“Slow It Down”).

The project is a MM New Media Group production.



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