Medea on the Stage of the Azaryan Theatre 

Important notice: Unfortunately the Medea performance on 13 October has been postponed with new dates to be announced on the website

Following the showing of the large-scale spectacle on the stage of the Ancient Theater in Plovdiv on June 28, 2019, the Medea performance continues its creative and inclusive path on the stage of the Azaryan Theatre in Sofia.


Where: Azaryan Theatre in Sofia at 1 Bulgaria Sq

When: 13 October 2020 at 7 pm

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Abandoned by her husband, Medea seeks out and finds revenge, raising her hands against a universal value - her own children. Her tragic choice excites humanity from ancient times to the present. The text of Euripides from 431 BC comes to life in the new Greek translation of Georgi Gotchev and Petya Heinrich and in the virtuoso performance of 40 actors, musicians and children.

In the role of Medea you will see the unique Snezhina Petrova, which will provoke the boundaries of human and artistic nature!

Director Desislava Shpatova creates a unique world of images and feelings, in which the spatial decisions of the set designers Zina Gench and Hristina Dyakova come to life. The choreography is the work of Anna Pamuplova and the unique music is by Asen Avramov!

Translation from ancient Greek by Georgi Gochev and Petja Heinrich
Director: Desislava Shpatova
Composer: Assen Avramov
Sound: Kalin Nikolov
Stage and costume design: Sina Gentsch and Kristina Djakova
Choreography: Anna Pampulova
Graphic design: Teodora Simova

The cast will include more than 40 actors, musicians and children, among them:


Medea – Snezhina Petrova
Iason - Petar Dochev
Creon – Ivaylo Geraskov
Nurse - Stanka Kalcheva
Chorus leader – Asja Ivanova
Pedagogue – Ivajlo Dragiev
Aigeus – Georgi Gotzin
Messenger – Koina Russeva
Children of Iason and Medea – Nikola Petrov and Marina Zaharieva

Antique chorus – students from New Bulgarian University Sofia: 

Alexandrina Ilieva, Anton Dimitrachkov, Veronika Yanakieva-Hristova, Violet Pancheva, Gabriela Georgieva, Dimona Savchova, Ivana-Kalina Dobrevska, Ivona Mavrova, Ilian Kanev, Kiril Milushev, Kristina Naidenova, Kristian Slavov, Maya Tinanova, Mihaela Mikhailov, Ralitsa Neykova, Teodora Petrova and Yanita Darakova.

Live music: Stojan Karaivanov (bayan) and VAKALI Group.

In the performance are used drawings, models of the ship Argo and documentary recordings of trainings of children from different ethnic communities in 2018 and 2019 in Plovdiv and Sofia.

Photo credits from the performance at the Ancient Theatre: Dimitar Fedinandov.

The project is a Legal Art Centre production, part of the programme of Plovdiv 2019, funded by Culture programme of the Munisipality of SofiaGoethe-Institut Bulgaria, and National Culture Fund. Partners are The Health and Social Development Foundation and Azaryan Theatre, National Palace of Culture.

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Medea on the Stage of the Azaryan Theatre | 13 October 2020

Important notice: Unfortunately the Medea performance on 13 October has been postponed with new dates to be announced on the website



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