Days of Medea at the Azaryan Theatre | 23, 24, 25, 26 April 2021

From April 23rd to 26st, 2021, the Azaryan Theatre opens its stage for four consecutive performances of “Medea“ and all its spaces/rehearsal, dressing rooms, conference halls/ for the accompanying programme of “Days of Medea“. 

You can participate in the accompanying programme for free – buying a ticket for a performance and a mandatory registration. The ticket gives the right to join in two events. You have the opportunity to choose to: watch Nayo Titsin's documentary “STICHIYATA MEDЕA“; to join the trainings of the composer Asen Avramov and these of the actress and lecturer at NBU - Asya Ivanova; to play the accordion with Stoyan Karaivanov; to paint with Tsvetelina Spiridonova; to talk to Georgi Gochev – the  translator of Medea; to get acquainted with the socio-drama of Alexandra Gocheva, and to meet the actors after the last performance.

On Saturday and on Sunday, April 24th and 25th, you can spend almost all days in the Azaryan Theater and in the evening to visit the Medea performance. If you watch the show with your child, you can register for events from the accompanying programme, in which you can be with together or in parallel workshops.

In February 2021, the Medea project of the actress Snezhina Petrova and the Legal Art Center
Association have been honored with The European Citizen's Prize of the European Parliament
after a nomination initiated by the Plovdiv 2019 team. The award is given by the European Parliament to citizens or organizations projects promoting better mutual understanding and closer integration between citizens of the EU or supporting the cross-border or transnational cultural cooperation contributing to the strengthening of a European spirit.

April 23rd is the only date on which all the guests with tickets from the rescheduled dates in 2020 will be able to watch the Medea performance. They can also join the accompanying programme.

More about Medea project:

Medea is a project by the theatre association Legal Art Centre



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