After a two-year break caused by the pandemic, the fans of swing dancing and culture have the opportunity to be #together again on the fourth edition of LOVE SWING DANCE FESTIVAL, which is under the motto #TogetherAgain and is scheduled for September 22-25, 2022

With its previous editions from 2017 to 2019, the festival managed to unite the local audience and fans of jazz and swing culture and make the city a recognizable international destination for swing musicians, dancers, and fans and even became an emblem of the city with the video I Charleston Plovdiv

LOVE SWING DANCE FESTIVAL is already a recognizable brand among both local and general European audiences and the implementation of the festival in 2022 allows the event to be established as one of the key in the swing sector. The attraction of outstanding world-famous dancers and foreign musicians emphasizes the role of the city of Plovdiv as an important international centre allowing the development of the European swing society and the spread of its culture.

LOVE SWING DANCE #Together Again combines the preparation and implementation of the fourth edition of the international swing dance festival LOVE SWING DANCE FESTIVAL with the following project activities:

  • Creation of a documentary film reflecting the development of the Swing scene and culture in the city of Plovdiv. The film features a brief historical retrospective, as well as interviews and shared stories from the LHBG Plovdiv team, local musicians, school students, and partners who contributed to the construction of the current swing scene in the city. The film (45 min.) aimя to highlight the achievements of the young team, to give space for the students of our Plovdiv school, to illustrate the cohesion of the swing community, as well as to inform the hitherto uninvolved audience where and how it can become part of swing events and from the ever-growing European swing family.
  • Organizing and implementation of LOVE SWING DANCE festival in 2022. Four days in which Plovdiv brings together some of the most popular swing dance instructors and performers in Europe and the world, as well as already established Bulgarian dancers and choreographers. Within the festival, over 500 representatives of local and European audiences will take part in the following events:
    • Swing Flash Mob in an open urban environment
    • Lindy hop dance workshops for advanced and beginners
    • "Jam session" in the open air and cultural tour with live music (Brazz Association and local jazz musicians. Route: House of Culture - the main pedestrian street - Kapana Creative District)
    • Open dance lessons for students from Plovdiv schools
    • International dance competitions
    • Themed parties with live concerts
    • Stage performance of dance performances, improvisations, and choreographies by foreign and local instructors, as well as by students of the LH school.
    • Vintage bazaar and "photo corner".
  • Online broadcasting of the activities is planned.

The roots of swing and Lindy Hop, as well as those of jazz, lie in U.S. Afro-American communities. During the years of brisk economic growth after the First World War, jazz music and vigorous social dancing acquired huge popularity in the USA, with Lindy Hop being the most popular style. It started among self-taught masters from Harlem such as Frankie Manning and 'Shorty' George Snowden, who is credited with coining the name. When asked by a reporter about the magic of his legwork, Shorty likened the air acrobatics with the 1927 trans-Atlantic flight (hop) of the aviator Charles Lindbergh.

The festival organized by Lindy Hop Bulgaria and is pat of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv - European Captial of Culture.

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