6 actors are closed in 5 transparent booths with a width of 1m2 and recreate the life stories of real people - people who are extraordinary with their strong spirit, optimism, and deep understanding of the world in which we live. 5 different worlds, 5 shocking, funny and wise stories with the voices of the brightest documentary actors in Bulgaria.

The dramaturgy of EXHIBITS is created by interviews conducted by the actors and people with extraordinary qualities or personalities who have achieved something exceptional, people, who create the colour and human diversity of the city. After the fieldwork for the 100% PLOVDIV project, the team of VOX POPULI Documentary Theatre Studio established lasting relationships with the hundred "representatives" of the city and remained convinced that the work with them should continue in some form. In EXHIBITS this happens and their life stories will not only be part of the demographic statistics of the city but will be able to be heard and experienced in their individuality and uniqueness. During the selection, the emphasis will be on the emblematic diversity and social diversity of the city. TOGETHER is a slogan that must be revived and rethought again and again, both within the Plovdiv cultural reality and in a much more global context, and the project seeks to contribute to this.

  • Conceptual design: Studio for documentary theatre VOX POPULI
  • Directed by Neda Sokolovska
  • Set designer: Boris Dalchev
  • Assistant set designer: Nevena Georgieva
  • Project coordinator: Rada Ezekieva
  • Participants: Vasilia Drebova, Georgi Naldzhiev, Petko Kamenov, Petko Kamenov, Zhivko Gushterov, Stoyka Stefanova
  • Premiere in a digital environment /due to the current COVID restrictions/ - January 2022

EXHIBITS is an open-air theatrical installation - spectators move like a stream as visitors to a museum or exhibition and come into contact with each "exhibit" located in its unique world of 1 sq.m. 1 sq.m is the personal bio-space of man, our inviolable zone, one hand away, the small circle of attention and the limit of intimacy. EXHIBITS allows /invites/ the real human contact between the spectator and the actor, which is impossible in the theatre hall.

According to the measures for social distancing in the period of presentation of the show, the spectator is invited to make its "stroll" digitally.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put communication between people to the test, the same is valid for the theatre - the art that brings people together most and for which closeness is critical. EXHIBITS is a reaction to the situation in which humanity finds itself today. This project is an invitation and a promise that communication between people will overcome all barriers and trials and due to the current COVID restrictions will move into a digital environment.

Documentary Theatre Studio VOX POPULI first in Bulgaria presents and develops documentary theatre. It has nearly 10 years of experience on the independent stage, over 15 performances, and participation in numerous international and local festivals, projects in Berlin, New York, France. VOX POPULI develops its own acting technique, in which the actors reproduce the real words of existing people.

EXHIBITS is part of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 and is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and is in partnership with the "Summer Program", part of the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2021, as well as with the Goethe Institute, Bulgaria.

Exhibits - PLOVDIV. Theatrical installation

The EXHIBITS project presents Plovdiv stories in a special online premiere



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