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The Cultart Organisation in Greece is ICSD and the Case Study was on Theatre of Ioannina DI.PE.TH.I.

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Short bio and projects for the Municipal Regional Theatre of Ioannina (DI.PE.TH.I.)

The theatre was founded in 1983, starting together with five other regional Theaters the institution of DI.PE.THE. It is the natural continuation of the Organization of the Continental Theater (O.TH.) which pioneered the rise of professional theatrical producers in the Greek region since 1976. By the end of 2020, Di.Pe.Th.I. presented 129 professional theatrical productions with dramatology that included projects of ancient Greeks (8), modern Greek (55), classical (18), modern (27), and adaptations (20).

These projects were presented by the 4 stages of the theater (Main, Youth – Children, New, and Experimental) at its headquarters and in many major tours, covering over 300 different regions throughout the country and abroad. A total of 4,238 performances were given, attended by 969,251 spectators so far. The main stage of Di.Pe.The. Ioannina produces projects of the world and Greek drama that are addressed to audiences of all ages. The children’s stage of Di.Pe.The. Ioannina produces performances for children every year. Projects from the Greek and foreign repertoire that have been written exclusively for children, but also adaptations of works or novels.The Experimental Stage of Di.Pe.The. Ioannina proposes either new projects or a new way of presenting already performed projects. The new stage of Di.Pe.The. Ioannina presents modern productions with a new media and structure and is addressed to an audience of all ages.

Meet the participants in Ioannina

6 organizations from 5 countries participate in the Cultart project. In addition to the leading 'Plovdiv 2019' Foundation in the consortium are Clearly Culture - Vienna and the team of experts created the master's program in Cultural Management at the University of Vienna, also the Chamber of Commerce of Lecce, Italy, Alliance for Innovative Practices - Bulgaria, Edu Centre - Skopje, Northern Macedonia, International Centre for Sustainable Development- Ioannina, Greece

Cultart is a project for 262,105 euros, which the foundation won under the Erasmus+ programme, Youth - Partnerships for Cooperation, administered by the Centre for Human Resources Development - National Agency under the Erasmus+ programme 



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