In 2021, Fonoteka Elektrika (FE) realized its largest-scale project Altitude/Attitude in Plovdiv, (A/A) part of the Legacy Program of Plovdiv 2019. The successful model of continuity between cultural heritage, electronic music and 3D mapping expand the scope of activity and include a project in a national and international initiative. A/A – Bulgaria.

This year, Altitude Attitude – Ancient Theater aims to include Plovdiv in a national platform of 6 cities, promoting the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and modern culture the country in international exchange. The project has the ambition to build on what was achieved in 2021 by presenting in an attractive and modern way one of the most remarkable cultural and historical site ​​of Plovdiv – the Ancient Theater.

Altitude/ Attitude – Ancient Theater follows the established model of A/A - live DJ performance on the stage of Antichen Theater Plovdiv, 3D mapping, lighting, specific scenography and professional video recording for digital distribution after the event itself.

In partnership with The Municipal Institute Ancient Plovdiv the team has prepared specially produced 3D content for the largest outdoor stage in Plovdiv, active lighting and modern stage design.

ARTIST: Charlie (Ivo Stoyadinov Charlie). The first video of the new Altitude Attitude series features Ivo Stoyadinov Charlie. Charlie is an exceptional part of the Bulgaria's alternative scene, first as guitarist of Babyface Clan and part of Phuture Shock, and now as part of Les Animaux Sauvages and with his solo project. Charlie's DJ set takes place at the Antique Theatre in Plovdiv, with visual support by the Bulgarian artist Petko Tanchev. 

The main task of the project is to produce an advertising, musical film for Plovdiv which present cultural heritage, the symbols of Plovdiv and the contemporary youth culture the city.

Altitude/Attitude is a project created in Plovdiv and for Plovdiv, provoked by the open call of the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation - Legacy 2 for the development of the city's creative potential and the establishment of Plovdiv as an active cultural and tourist centre.

Altitude/Attitude is a response to the new conditions for the creation and dissemination of cultural content after the COVID pandemic. In 2020 and 2021 the key tourist and cultural sites of Plovdiv drastically reduced their Bulgarian and foreign visitors, which motivates the team of Altitude/Attitude to develop a fast and effective model for the new promotion of Plovdiv, its cultural heritage and contemporary culture.

Altitude/Attitude confirms the current European trends for digitalization of cultural products, expanding online distribution and strengthening communication for Plovdiv in the future cities European Capitals of Culture: Elefsina (Greece) 2023, Novi Sad (Serbia) and Kaunas (Lithuania) in 2022.

Altitude/Attitude realizes a series of six public music events in Plovdiv, organized at six different key urban archaeological sites in the city, traditional attractions for recreation and culture. The main task of the project is from each event to have as a result an advertising short video in which to naturally present the cultural heritage, the symbols of Plovdiv and the contemporary youth culture in our city.

Each event follows the form of a DJ stage with minimal technical intervention, light sound and unobtrusive presence in the urban environment. The events take place in the afternoon, on weekends when there is a natural gathering of people. The music is selected according to the location, the section aims to create a suitable atmosphere for a calm and pleasant experience.


Following the new measures introduced by the Ministry of Health, which put an end to all mass events, the Altitude / Attitude events with Borne Aloft, Laylla Dane, Denitza, Julieta Intergalactica and Technobeton will be broadcast live online. The streaming will allow the DJ sets to be heard, and the main videos will be edited and shared later.

The project is an idea of Tanzova Zabava Ltd and is part of the Legacy Programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture



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