Plovdiv Karavana
Farewell Parade 2019

15 artistic companies from Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland

- CITI - INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR TRAVELLING THEATERS - are setting off on European roads by foot, horses, bicycles or trucks to meet in Plovdiv – European Capital of culture – in June 2019 from 1-st to 10-th.

They will set up 3 large artistic camps in Trakiya district, in Stolipinovo district and at the Rowing Canal. No less than 200 artists, technicians and art rapporteurs will come to share their art in the most ancient continually-inhabited European city.

10-th of June 2019 

All 15 companies together will launch the Farewell Parade on the streets of Plovdiv.

Start: Planned at 5pm

Where: Stefan Stambolov sq.

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