- Exhibition and Concert 2018

"Medea", a project by the modern theatre association Legal Art Centre, is focusing on one of art’s most familiar plots – the plot from the eponymous drama by Euripides– and is seeking a modern interpretation of the human condition as presented by the play – the right to life, the process of choosing, the nature of love and the power of vengeance.

Apart from its focus on art, the project carries a strong social dimension too. It has brought about the collaboration of established personalities from the world of theatre, children from various ethnicities in Plovdiv – Roma, Turks, Jews, Armenian and Bulgarian – and also university students from the New Bulgarian University, interns and trainees in various humanitarian and creative fields.

Art trainings June - July 2018, Exhibition 19-28 June 2018

The project’s activities include art trainings and sessions (18 - 22 June is the first one, there are several in June-July) as well as children’s drawing competition and a subsequent exhibition (19 - 28 June, Central Square, Opening at the Small Basilica on 23 June) called "Deus ex machina or what is an ancient theatre?".


Concert September - October 2018

A concert for musically gifted children from various ethnic groups (Roma, Turkish, Armenian, Jewish) in the city will be launched September - October 2018.

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The project is a Legal Art Centre production in partnership with The New Bulgarian University, Alliance for Equal Rights and Sustainability, Arax Foundation, Shalom Organisation of the Jews in Bulgaria, Plovdiv University 'Paisii Hilendarski', and Goethe-Institut Bulgaria

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