Ayliak Parade on 4 May 2019

Where: From 51 Rayko Daskalov Str. to Stefan Stambolov Sq.

Start: 17.30

The event on Facebook HERE.

The "Ayliak Parade" is a project of the FIRE theatre-art-culture Foundation in conjunction with HANDMADE PARADE (UK); STALKER TEATRO (IT); and the Plovdiv-based community centres Vazrazhdane 1983, Mladost 1983, P.R. Slaveykov 1908, Nâzım Hikmet 1922 and Nikola Vaptsarov 1928.

Discussions kick-start the first leg of the "Ayliak Parade" project. There will also be workshops for the crafting of carnival masks, costumes and accessories in May, June and July 2018, as well as a parade in the Lauta Park on 27 October 2018.

During the discussions we will try to find out what lies behind the concept of aylyak as a philosophy of life and a specific point of view of the world, what makes it so special and valued not only for us Bulgarians but also for Europe and the world today. We will be searching for the “forms” of aylyak; we will certainly be scratching our heads over how we can visualize this worldview; we’ll be telling each other stories about aylyak from the near and not-so-near past; we’ll remember some of aylyak’s true masters.

The discussions will serve as a point of reference as to how the main parade will look and what it will actually offer. The Ayliak Parade will take place on Plovdiv's Main Street on 4 May 2019.

Find details about the project and the related events on Facebook - www.facebook.com/ayliakparade.



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