Multi Kulti Kitchen 2018

“Multi Kulti Kitchen”, a project by the Union for Independent Creative Communication Association and the Youth House Pazardzhik, includes a series of events, informal meetings and initiatives with the active participation of Plovdiv’s international community. The events enable people of different ethnicities, communities and countries to present the best of their traditional cuisine and culture in the form of culinary evenings and creative workshops.

Schedule of events: 2018 (Pazardzhik)

  • 24 March. Multi Kulti Kitchen Armenia (at the Armenian Culture Club in Pazarzdhik). А cultural culinary event. 
  • 12 May. Heal the World. The first in a series of cultural and educational artisan workshops for children (under 12) of various nationalities in Pazardzhik. At the Plastilin Theatre House.
  • 24 October. Multi Kulti Kitchen Russia. A cultural culinary event in Pazardzhik.

Schedule of events: 2018 (Plovdiv)

Details about the project and the related events at, and

Multi Kulti Kitchen Sets Foot in Plovdiv With a Rich Enthicities-Focused Programme



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