Slow Food Plovdiv Network - Local Food Events in 2018 г.

“Slow Food Plovdiv Network” is a project by the Foundation that brings together local citizens, farmers and food producers who are effecting sustainable changes in food production and the culture of eating. The project harks back to the values of the Slow Food movement, a global response to fast-food chains’ negative influence on local traditions and cultures that rely on agriculture and foods. The Slow Food movement believes that everybody is entitled to access to food that’s good, clean and produced in a fair way.

Local food events in 2018:

  • 2 May - "Chalk Kitchen" - art studio - fruit and vegetables on the asphalt, moments of colours and smiles with Nadezhda Kaneva in Bunardzhika.
  • 9 May - "Big Picnic" with Dessislava Dimitrova in Bunardzhika.
  • 16 May - Night screening of "Taste the Waste" at the Dzhumayata sq.
  • 6 June - "Disco Salad" with Elitsa Stoilova in Bunardzhika.
  • 13 June - "Chalk Kitchen" - art studio for all children with Nadya - fruit and vegetables on the asphalt in Bunardzhika,
  • 20 June - "Rural Flavours in the City" - the village of Kurtovo Konare on a visit to Plovdiv in Bunardzhika.
  • 4 July - "Disco Fruit Salad" with Lyudmil Haydutov, Bunardzhika - one of the most successful events of the global movement Slow Food - DISCO SOUP took place for the first time in Plovdiv with a summer interpretation called DISCO SALAD in order to raise awareness of the issue of food waste.
  • 11 July - "100 Million Years of Food" – a presentation of the book led by Dessislava Dimitrova in Bunardzhika. With the book, written by Stephen Lee, we will travel through Vietnam, the USA, Kenya, India and other places around the world. We will go back 100 million years to learn about the diet of our ancestors. How different cultures approach food. Has the distancing from the diet of our ancestors led us to modern diseases?
  • 18 July - "Rural Flavours in the City" - Rakovski on a visit to Plovdiv in Bunardzhika.  The women from community centre/chitalishte "Chestolyubie 2010" - Rakovski, presented their cuisine and local culinary traditions - the famous lyutenitsa from Kurtovo Konare and tomato soup, homemade rustic bread and stuffed peppers from Kurtovo Konare. The women from the village told the audience about the traditional meals prepared at their homes.
  • 25 July - Picnic-Sampling of farm-grown cheeses and wines, as a picnic on the grass, in the immediate vicinity of the Bunardzhika market, you will be able to blind-test taste different types of farmer cheese and wine. Hosts: Dessislava Dimitrova – a taste education specialist and coordinator of the Slow Food movement in Bulgaria, and Boris Atanasov, an enologist. With products of: Halalitsa goat farm, Golden Fleece farm. To take part in the event, REGISTER by noon on 25 July. You can send your telephone number in a private message on the Facebook page of Slow Food Plovdiv.
  • 1 August - Peaches from the Village of Hrabrino, Bunardzhika. On a special tasting, the farmer Stefka Dimanova from the village of Hrabrino will present traditional peach nectar and jam, as well as delicious pastries made by family recipes.
  • 8 August - "Rural Flavours in the City" - the village of Staro Zhelezare on a visit to Plovdiv (Bunardzhika).
  • 15 August - "Rural Flavours in the City" in Bunardzhika.
  • 22 August - "Rural Flavours in the City" in Bunardzhika.
  • 29 August - "Fruit and Vegetables on the Asphalt" - art studio with Tanyo Pavlov, Nadya Krasteva, Bunardzhika.
  • 9 September - Plovdiv on a visit to "Flavours of Yesterday", the festival of rural cuisine in Rakovski.
  • 9 September - Plovdiv on a visit to Kurtovo Konare Fest 2018, in the village of Kurtovo Konare.
  • In the second half of September - Plovdiv on a visit to the "Brestovitsa -- Wine and Grapes festival, in the village of Brestovitsa.
  • 23 September - Plovdiv on a visit to the National festival of the kashkek and folk skills in the village of Radilovo.

Most of the events will take place on Wednesdays, during the traditional farmers' market at Bunardzhika, from 4 to 8 pm.

Admission free to all events!

In 2018 Agricultural University - Plovdiv, will host the first (26-28 October) and the second edition (7-9 December) of the Slow Food Plovdiv Forum. The third edition will take place in 2019 at the same place, from 15 to 17 February.

Detailed information about the events and dates is available in the Facebook page.



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