Adata AiR Resident Programme - Meetings with the Artists # 9 | Axel Roy and Gaël Sedmak

ADATA AiR is an artist-in-residence programme in the city of Plovdiv. The residency aims to give a space for a creative exchange that fosters intercultural dialogue and interaction. The platform is open to artists, architects, designers, etc., from Europe to join the special pre-capital-of-culture stage. During their stay, the residents will have the opportunity to develop new projects and interact with local communities and the complex cultural realities of the city.

The artists are visiting Plovdiv in 2018 to work on their own artistic projects related to topics concerning nature and architectural cultural heritage in Plovdiv.

Meeting #9/Babecue on 3 September 2018

3 September 2018, Monday afterwork picnic is the next ADATA AiR Meeting #9, taking place on the Maritsa river bank with a view toward the Adata island, easily accessible by walking or with a bike (see the map for the precise location).

Making a barbecue is the medium chosen by Axel Roy and Gaël Sedmak - current artists-in-residence in the ADATA AiR programme - for gathering and discussion over the matters at stake in using public space. This time, chosen to be considered is the ADATA Island. Through this action, Axel Roy and Gael Sedmak want to probe the links between the usage and function of the public equipment. During the event, they plan to explain their research in Plovdiv, which has been guided by the idea of diverting shared spaces, and explore what could be realized in the city in 2019.

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Axel and Gaël started working together by opening an atelier in a third-place artist-run space in Paris, the “Python”, about 2 years ago. Now they are part of a bigger temporary project in Paris, “Les Grands Voisins” (approximately “The Great Neighbors”). For this residency, they decide to work in a collaborative state of mind and so to combine space design abilities with an artistic decryption of interaction. Their idea was to create installations that would make people aware of the daily use of space. How by hijacking the daily practice of space (shortcuts, misappropriation...) we redefined the landscape and the use amongst them. In continuity with this position, they believe that it is for the viewer to act, for them, artists should just be the starting point of the final action or thought.

Axel Roy (1989) is a visual artist based in Utrecht and Paris. He works with drawing, painting, and performance. His work is driven by the ethnomethodological and sociological approach, while he investigates negative space. He holds a Master degree in Fine Arts (2014) from Dijon Academy of Art and achieved a post-diploma (2015) in Art and Globalization in China. More about the artist at, as well as at

Gaël Sedmak (1990) is a designer (space and objects) based in Paris. His process focuses on collaborative creations and multidisciplinary which question the author position. He studied in Orleans Academy of Art and Design, especially space and volume design for four years and currently continues to explore artistic domains as graphic design or furniture and industrial product.

ADATA AiR is realized by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation in partnership with Goethe-Institut Bulgarien and the Polish Institute in Sofia (Instytut Polski w Sofii).

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