The Small Theatre from the End of the World...Opus I (14 September 2018)

The Small Theatre from the End of the World is a laboratory for contemporary puppet theatre of the French Theatre de la Massue – companie Ézéquiel Garcia-Romeu. In Plovdiv the company will present its unusual viewpoint of the world.

The Small Theatre from the End of the World...Opus I (14 September 2018)

After the performances in June at the Ancient Bath Center for Contemporary Art the artists will present "The Small Theater from the End of the World ... Opus I", on September 14, 2018, on the stage of Plovdiv Drama Theater (Zoom Stage), at 19.00, with free entrance!

It is a poetic performance in the process of invention and writing. This mixed show and installation for puppets and contemporary art, evolves and is written over time. The artists give it the generic name of a broader theatrical experience that associates a team and a company around an artistic research that is permanent and shared with the public.



Locked in a box, a puppeteer manages and revives an unfamiliar gallery of portraits. Like an entomologist, the spectator watches and discovers a universe full of contradictions, filled with life and creatures waiting to survive their own destiny and realization. Through this imaginary world brings us a doll - a puppet with mysterious bright eyes - the main character in the show.

The Characters

Each character confronts the place, makes before us a mo- ment of present, constitutive of its condition. They also do what we do every day: wait a long time a bus, sleep, watch TV, put oil in a machine. Thus were born: the Old woman at the door, the Young Woman at the bus stop, the Monkey-Mole with the luminous eyes, the Administrator, the Small Appariteur, the Banker, the Sandwich-Man, who-looks-the-TV. In this Work in Progress, other beings are in gestation ... like, the Guardian-of-the-land-wave and its double, the Boutiquier, the Transporter-of-bus, the Porter-of-bales ...

Laboratory for spectators

Outside this big box, spectators observe and discover that this this box could therefore be a kind of allegory of the representation of the world. But they soon learn they can influence it. Spectators become actors - puppeteers: they can manage, experiment and participate in the process ...

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Малък театър на края на света се завръща през 2019-а в Пловдив



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