To Those Born Today

'To Those Born Today' is a project by Alberto Garutti within the 24th edition of the Week of Contemporary Art in 2018 (14 September - 14 October, The Ancient Bath Center for Contemporary Art) under the motto 'Metaphorai. Narration Created Humanity'.

Opening - 16 November 2018 

The art installation offers a way of signaling and monitoring the life of the city through art. Curators are Katya Angelova and Alessandra Poggianti. Opening is on 16 November 2018, in Kapana - Creative District, at 18.00.

The hospital’s personnel of neonatology pushes a button each time a baby is born, and the neighborhood’s street lights start slowly pulsating. A plaque placed in Kapana neighborhood reads: 'The streetlights of this district are connected to the maternity wards of the city hospitals 'Selena, 'Sveti Georgi', 'Plovdiv', 'Toraks'. Every time the light slowly pulsates it means a child has been born. The work is dedicated to that child, and to the children born today in this city.'|

This is a project by the Art Today Association.



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