An interim monitoring of foundation “Plovdiv 2019” shows a sustainable increase in the interest towards culture in the city.

A sustainable growth, an increased number of initiatives and an increase in the amount of money spent on attending cultural events were reported by an interim report of “Plovdiv 2019” foundation. The monitoring is the third in order, applied for completion in the Application book of the city and has the goal to find the results, effect, and influence of a European Capital of Culture based on 39 indicators.

For the past year the public initiatives are over 200. There has been a registered rise of over 73,8% of the participation rates of local people for 2018, compared to the period 2015-2017 when this percentage was 50,1%. The average sum of money which was spent on attending cultural events and purchasing art products from a person has also increased. The flow of attendants to various cultural institutions has also increased and shows stable levels.

Growth in the revenue has been registered from the increased attendance in the city, spending on hotels and purchases. Almost 2/3 of the asked adult residents of the country think that every Bulgarian should visit at least one event which has been initiated by Plovdiv – ECOC 2019. The number of foreign tourists is also rising.

The results from the monitoring show that the set goals in the area of visits from Bulgarian and foreign tourists in Plovdiv will be reached and even surpassed.

Read the full text of the monitoring HERE.



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