Legacy of Volunteers

Growing up # together

Plovdiv 2019 summarizes and offers its experience in volunteer work, the promotion of the volunteer programme, and shares the challenges and benefits of creating a volunteer network that connects different groups of people united by the desire to support and contribute as active participants to the development of the events during the year of Plovdiv had the European Capital of Culture title.

This legacy (for now the edition is only in English language) gathers the memories and experiences of the volunteers, includes information about the structure of the Plovdiv 2019 Volunteer Programme, describes ways of communication, tips and fun moments through which to pass on the experience gained to the next capitals of culture and their volunteers.

'When Plovdiv was elected to become the European Capital of Culture, there was no volunteer programme. It all started with one volunteer, helping out wherever she could and inspiring others to do the same. It was like planting a tree – allowing the seeds to grow roots and helping it grow slowly but steadily.

Growing our Volunteer tree was not an easy task. We had many trials and errors, we made some mistakes and we learned from them. That is why we want to help other European Capitals of
Culture by giving them the experiences of our volunteers. Not only the good experiences and the happy memories, but also the struggles and the difficulties we met.

We planted the roots of our volunteer programme, and we hope you will be able to use this legacy we have built to grow #together.' (quotation from the Legacy)

You could read / download the Volunteer Legacy in PDF HERE.

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