A Day That Has Everything In It

An online premiere of the performance "A Day That Has Everything In It" by the artistic collective Metheor on November 30 at 19:30.

On November 30 at 19:30 will be the online premiere of "A Day That Has Everything In It" – a theatrical performance in video format of Metheor, on the fanstream platform.

The director Ani Vaseva, in collaboration with the actors Leonid Yovchev, Greta Gicheva and Katrin Metodieva, is developing the new genre of video theatre. This is not just a filmed show, but a show created specifically for video format and online distribution. " A Day That Has Everything In It" combines the in-depth and continuous workflow, impactful acting, freedom and imagination characteristic of Metheor's theatrical work, with both a realistic and surprising world, visually impressive video media techniques.

A Day That Has Everything In It is a performance in video format, in which three people live in timelessness, relaxed in the feeling of the moment. The three characters are guided by the forces of mutual attraction and repulsion, by the tension between the pursuit of the habitual and the charm of the unusual. In their small, closed world, they encounter miracles, joys, surprises, hidden not in the future but in the past. A Day That Has Everything In It is also a show of joy.

The performance is part of the Ex corpore project of Metheor association which includes a number of events. In the four days before November 30, four videos prepared especially for the project will be uploaded on the YouTube page of Meteor (MTheOrg):

26 November 2020 - Boyan Manchev will ask the question Why art? and Why now? With a series of questions to contemporary artists

27 November 2020 - Future actors will learn what is important in the acting profession for Leonid Yovchev

28 November 2020 - Stefan Donchev will present the methods of creating digital cameras (November 28), and Ani Vaseva will make an introduction to video theatre 

29 November 2020 - The project programme will continue in 2021 in Plovdiv, within the Legacy programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019

Ex corpore project, implemented with the financial support of the Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality and the Ministry of Culture, and with the assistance of Swimming Pool, ETUD Gallery, HaHaHa Impro, ArtFest, Cinema House and DNK is part of the Legacy Programme of Plovdiv 2019 and is implemented by Metheor Association. 



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