For a Better New Year!

This year was planned as the legacy of the European capital of culture in Plovdiv, in which to continue welcoming our guests and friends from around the world and meeting on stage, in exhibition halls and in various spaces in the city, a year of celebration and rethinking of what has been achieved. Instead, we will remember it with its great challenges and twists.

In 2020, we had the opportunity to relive and re-evaluate the importance of being together, not only as the motto of a cultural programme, but as a vital necessity, as the new meaning of solidarity and support. We rediscovered forgotten dimensions of humanity, and with it the potential of the creative spirit and the power of culture in times of worries. We had the opportunity to clearly assess the huge effect of the emblematic 2019 on our city, the change, the energy that flew within it with the hundreds of events, audiences and artists, the awakening and revival of Plovdiv with the preparation and implementation of this largest cultural initiative of the European Union.

Thank you for your monstrous amount of work, for your commitment and for the fact that with you culture will always survive! We thank all our partners who, despite the unbearable conditions of the pandemic, managed to implement part of the planned Legacy programme in 2020!
Plovdiv remains European Capital of Culture. The initiatives and events will continue in 2021. The new year comes with hope and new strength to overcome the difficulties together!

Stay healthy!

Plovdiv 2019 Foundation

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