The actress Snezhina Petrova for the project Medea has been honored with the prestigious European Citizen’s Prize

We are proud and happy to announce that our nomination for the European Citizen’s Prize - An award for exceptional achievements – the incredible actress Snezhina Petrova for the splendid project Medea has been honored with this prestigious award.

Each year, the European Parliament awards 'The European Citizen's Prize'. This prize is an award for exceptional achievements in the following areas:

  • Projects promoting better mutual understanding and closer integration between citizens of the Member States or facilitating cross-border or transnational cooperation within the European Union.
  • Projects involving long-term, cross-border or transnational cultural cooperation contributing to the strengthening of a European spirit.
  • Projects linked to the current European Year (if applicable).
  • Projects giving concrete expression to the values enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Citizens, groups of citizens, associations or organizations can apply for the European Citizen’s Prize for projects they have carried out or can nominate one other citizen, group, association or organisation for the European Citizen’s Prize.

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More about Medea project:

Medea is a project by the theatre association Legal Art Centre



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