The ultramarathon runner Krasi Georgiev faces a new challenge. The athlete joins the program "Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019" and will test the possibilities of his physics and psyche on September, 28th in Plovdiv. Typically for him, however, the challenge will not last only within 24 hours. The new goal Krassi faces will happen within 55 hours. As many of his social network followers have assumed - he will run. But there are no more similarities with the previous time when the athlete stunned us, doing it for 36 hours on a trail. Now the bar is lifted not only in terms of duration but also as conditions - Krasi will try to endure physically and mentally for more than 48 hours, but now entirely in an external environment where the weather conditions will also have effect. All of this turns the end goal of 55 hours into an extremely unclear achievement.

With this challenge, Krasi strives to upgrade the previous one as a social goal as well. The event is conceived as a "Holiday of Motivation" not only for lovers of running, but the goal is for the ones who enroll to discover their incentive to be active. Anyone who wants, whether he will use the time to run, ride a bike, skates, skateboard or simply walk, can join. The idea is to promote sport and physical activity as a whole, because the statistics for Bulgarians in this respect are startling - only 10% of the population in Bulgaria actively practices sports more than two hours a week, which also affects the health status of the nation. To change that, a key element is motivation, as everyone should look for what moves him the most, and should pursue the ultimate goal, no matter how unachievable it may seem.

In Krassi’s case, during these exhausting hours, his personal "super heroes" - the children who have overcome cancer, will help again. One more time with the support of the athletes' friends from the Children with Oncohematological Diseases Association, money for sport events will be gathered for the small big heroes, who have already overcome one of the greatest challenges in their lives.

The "55 Hour" Challenge starts on September, 28th at 10 am from the Rowing Base in Plovdiv, will pass along the Maritza River to find its home for more than 48 hours in the Tsar Simeon's Garden in the center of the city, where it will become a "Holiday of Motivation" - part of the program "Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019".

Krasi Georgiev is the ultramarathon runner who constantly surprises us with the seemingly unachievable goals he has set. Krasi Georgiev has impressed with his achievements in some of the toughest ultramarathons in the world, among which the world's worst – Badwater 135 in the Valley of Death in the United States. Along with the challenges, Krassi also supports significant causes. With his latest event, "36 Hours," he gathered money for 26 children who had overcome cancer, who went to Moscow's "Winning Games", where they won 27 medals.

News and additional information about the event can be viewed on Facebook HERE.

Video credit: WnessTV

Credit for portraits: Viktor Troyanov



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