Documents and Guidelines for partners

  • from the Open Call 2016 and 2017 for New Projects and Bid Book projects in the programme of Plovdiv 2019

Guidelines for partners


*Note: The files in excel has to be submitted in both formats: xls and pdf

**Note: please, submit all filled forms in ZIP or RAR archives

Approvаl of an additional clause to the Rules for Reporting and Spending of the funds on annual basis for the selected and contracted projects from the Open Calls of Plovdiv 2019

In view of the operability of implementing long-term projects, part of the official program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture in 2019, which includes the participation of national and international partners, we are pleased to inform all beneficiaries of Plovdiv 2019 that the Board of Directors of the Foundation approved the proposal for an additional clause to the Rules for Reporting and Spending of the funds.. Here is the text of the decision of the Board of Directors of "Plovdiv 2019":

Approves an additional clause to the Rules for Reporting and Spending of the funds on annual basis for the selected and contracted projects from the Open Calls for the official programme of Plovdiv 2019. A transfer of no more than 10% on an annual basis, has been approved, of unspent and/or saved sums from one year to the next, according to the approved and agreed budget frame of the project.

Approved by Protocol No. 134 / 30.10.2017.

  • from the Open Calls from 2019

Dear partners, thank your desire to work for and with Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture.

Once your project is approved through some of the open-calls announced in 2018 there is a necessity to sign a contract in order to commence your activity. You will receive a personal e-mail from your project manager on behalf of Plovdiv 2019 but here are also a few details for general reference.

For the signing of the Contract we need to receive from you the following documents on paper, with original signatures and, where applicable, stamps:

1. Updated application form with the original signatures /Bulgarian and English/;

2. The Budget form updated and approved with original signatures /Bulgarian and English;

3. Certificate of existence or lack of obligations towards the country;

4. Certificate of the current status of the applicant organization - the legal person or copy of identity card for individuals together with a copy of a document certifying an entry in BULSTAT Register /or analogous register in the state in which they are established /

5. ACRO the Criminal record certificate of the person representing the applicant - original;

6. Statement on VAT status

7. Declaration of Participation and Authenticity of Information and Authorship (by template) - part of the application package.

8. Declaration on the fulfilment of the eligibility requirements (by template) - part of the application package.

9. Filled in contract (by template) - part of the application package..

Once received all documents are passed through the Financial Management and Control electronic system.

After starting the project activity, please keep in mind the need to follow your costs exactly as described in your budget, which as well as the application form are an integral part of both the contract and the recognition of your costs.

For the report, you will need:
1. Certified copies of financial documents (invoices, civil contracts, payment by the bank for payments made, recapitulations, acceptance and delivery protocols, etc.)
2. A completed financial report form, which includes an inventory of own contribution and subsidy from the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation according to the procedure described in the approved budget.

3. Fill out a descriptive report on a template describing the activities.

4. Implementation of a survey conducted during public events, part of the project.

Please keep in mind that you need to follow the guidelines for using our logo, as well as the requirements for publicity of events.

Guidelines reporting a project



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