Plovdiv Stage Park 2019

Plovdiv Stage Park is a project designed to stimulate and optimize initiatives related to urban events. The project is implemented through the establishment of a main festival zone outside the main residential neighbourhoods, as well as scenes in the urban environment - parks and sports areas etc. These scenes and the technical equipment can be used free of charge by approved candidates - an incentive for artists, cultural operators and organizations to create more and more projects related to art and culture in Plovdiv.

The Plovdiv Stage Park Festival is the first area in Bulgaria specially designed for holding festivals, concerts and other musical events.

In 2019 the events will be in September.

The project is implemented by the Inkubator Association and it is associated to Plovdiv 2019 programme.

Plovdiv Stage Park 2019 - Easter Edition

Programme Relax



General partners

EU Japan Fest

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