Ayliak Parade

Ayliak Parade is a community art project with the participation of over 300 people of different social status, age, ethnicity, profession or cultural background. Together with an experienced international team of artists, performers and cultural managers (Bulgaria - Great Britain - Italy) they will work actively and creatively on the design, creation, realization and popularization of AYLIAK PARADE.

The parade will have a unique appearance that highlights a particularly remarkable feature of the worldview and lifestyle in Plovdiv. It will focus on the concept of "Ayliak city" - as a place where people feel relaxed and free to live and pay attention to the peacefulness, aesthetics and joy. In the residential district of Trakiya will be the first small pilot edition on 25 November 2018 and the big parade in 2019 will be on 4 May on the main pedestrian street.

Ayliak Parade – a parade that expresses the specific attitude towards life that Plovdiv people have encoded into that colourful, resonant concept. And though the parade will take place in Plovdiv in the year in which this beautiful, ancient city will host the European Capital of Culture event (the first edition is scheduled for 4 May 2019), we'd like to see it as a festivity not only for the locals but also for anyone who knows how to enjoy life's beauty and pleasures and yearns to discover and appreciate the joys of everyday living.

Parades come off only when as many people as possible take part in preparing and seeing them through – both residents of the hosting city and guests and participants from elsewhere. A parade is an excellent way for the community to announce to the world its values, potential and creativity. Artistic parades like the one we’re currently organizing are miles away from the political manifestations from the recent past that some of us still recall. The key moment now is that what’s about to take place will not be at someone's bidding or through an obligation; it will be up to us entirely. We’re throwing a party.

So far Plovdiv has had neither a parade nor a carnival of its own ... So let’s change that, let’s start a tradition. There’s a place and role for everyone – for those who love making things with their own hands (masks, big carnival dolls, costumes, banners), for those whose heart is in the performing (dancers, artists, musicians, performance artists), and also for those who just want to lend a hand to an idea.

There are no age restrictions – we call upon both the young and adults, children and their parents. No matter if you're from Plovdiv or not; if you're Bulgarian, Armenian, Turkish, Jewish or Gypsy; if you’re a foreigner or a local... Do not hesitate – join our Ayliak Band...

What to do? Well, like this page, for starters. This will keep you up to date with all the events and let you be part of the process. If you’d like a more serious role, write to us at ayliakparade@gmail.com

The Ayliak Parade is a project of the FIRE theatre-art-culture Foundation in conjunction with HANDMADE PARADE (UK); STALKER TEATRO (IT); and the Plovdiv-based community centres Vazrazhdane 1983, Mladost 1983, P.R. Slaveykov 1908, Nâzım Hikmet 1922 and Nikola Vaptsarov 1928.

What is Ayliak? Discussions and Workshops

Programme Relax

Ayliak Parade 25 November 2018

Where Lauta Park
Programme Relax

Giant Puppets Making Workshop (17 - 24 January 2019)

Programme Relax

Що е то айляк?

Join us for the amazing fun with Ailyak Parade

A British master of carnival dolls, is opening a workshop to prepare for Ayliak Parade in Plovdiv (17 - 24 January 2019)



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