100% Plovdiv

In Plovdiv, the German Rimini Protokoll will present one of its most notable shows, which will come onstage at the Plovdiv Drama Theatre on 17, 18, 19 and 20 October 2019.

Documentary Theatre

“100% Plovdiv” is a documentary stage production executed entirely by nonprofessional actors who are residents of the hosting city. The German theatre collective puts a special emphasis on the fact that it is transferring real life onto the stage without the mediation of professional actors.

Chain reaction

The project “enters” the local urban community and selects 100 members in a several-month casting process. The selection can most readily be likened to a chain reaction – Rimini Protokoll selects only the first participant. He or she then recommends somebody else; they then recommend another person; and so on to the 100th one. All participants must meet certain demographic criteria such as sex, age, area of residence, social and marital statuses, political inclinations which, when combined, represent a mirror image, as it were, of the local community.

100% City

In their concluding performance, the participants come onstage. On behalf of the city community, they begin debating various topical or thorny issues. These put a shape on the general idea, but the spectacle takes care to prove different for each specific location – it shows the various faces of the respective city, which are by necessity contrasting in their individualities but inevitably sharing a common space and feeling.

'100% Plovdiv' Book

A portrait of the city by 100 people: check details HERE in pdf. Online HERE.

Photo credits: © Iliyan Ruzhin

Rimini Protokoll is the most noted group in Europe in the field of documentary theatre. It was set up in Berlin in 2000 by Stefan Kaegi, Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel, theatre directors and graduates from the University of Giessen.

The first “100% City” was staged in Berlin in 2008, and has since visited more than 35 cities, among them London, Paris, Marseille, Vienna, Cologne, Dresden, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Riga, Tokyo, Philadelphia, Sao Paolo and Melbourne. In each city Rimini Protokoll puts on a different show, which carries the city’s name in the Rimini Protokoll concept.

Rimini Protokoll has been awarded a host of prestigious European awards, among them the Faust theatre prize; the Europe Prize New Theatrical Realities, awarded for creative innovations; and the Silver Lion of the Venice Biennial of Performative Arts.

“100% Plovdiv” is a project by the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation and the German theatre collective Rimini Protokoll in partnership with Goethe - Institut Bulgaria and VOX POPULI Documentary Studio.



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