Museums as Social and Educational Spaces

The project "Museums as Social and Educational Spaces - Practical Seminars for Work with Different Audiences" comes from the Bulgarian-American Commission for Educational Exchange (the Fulbright Commission), in partnership with My Museum Foundation (MMF) and the museums in Plovdiv.

It offers an extended  training project aimed at the development of educational  and social capacity of the museums in the city of Plovdiv. The project is from March 2018 to April 2019. The program of seminars and practical workshops will focus on eleven topics for museum and gallery professionals from Plovdiv and the region.

Project phases

The ten project’s seminars (details for topics and dates can be found in the project’s events description) familiarize the participants with the theory and methodology of the museum space and have a specific focus. Seminars use constructivist interpretation and work in groups of museum specialists on case studies from museum practice. Because of the interactive and practical nature of the seminars the workshops are limited to 15-18 participants.

Each seminar, depending on its subject, will be conducted by a different group of trainers, taking into account and adapting American and European experience and methodologies and with the direct participation of US experts alongside their Bulgarian counterparts.

March - April 2019 the project will conclude with the publication of a handbook for the museum professionals that summarizes the methodologies, the case studies from the museums in Plovdiv, as well as the results of the workshops. 

Project’s results

The seminars build a modern dynamic approach to the museum environment and explain the problems associated with the museum society from different perspectives, building mechanisms and programs to stimulate civic participation in the life of the museum.

Detailed information about the project with a timetable and stages of the activities can be found on

Museums as Social and Educational Spaces

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