"Lummix" is a festival of projects produced with light. The main concept revolves around mixing – lumix is a portmanteau from the words lumen (a unit measuring the intensity of light) and mix, in the meaning of interweaving of expressions and tendencies in art). "Lummix" combines digital and analogue technologies and presents light and sound installations, performances, music and dance performances.

In a string of educational workshops that will precede the main edition, the festival will serve also as a platform for the artistic expression of talented young people from the quarter of Stolipinovo.

"Lummix" is an annual project of the Art Today Association in conjunction with Goethe-Institut Bulgaria. It has had three editions since 2017.


In the spotlight

In 2017 Lummix’s principal edition, “In the Spotlight”, took place in Stolipinovo on 28 October. At the centre of the edition was a three-level video installation - created by contemporary artists and young people from Stolipinovo - built on transparent screens. Hip-hop dances and a music programme accompanied the last day of the programme, which was an assortment of music, dance and light.

The "Lummix" edition in October 2018 will focus on the work of art studios and the preparatory activities for the festival in 2019, when "Lummix" will welcome international artists and will offer a broad spectrum of activities – exhibitions, installations and various public actions.

Project of Art Today Association in partnership with Goethe-Institut Bulgarien. Details about the Art Today Association and the 2017 edition of the festival at:, about the programme of Lummix’s editions in 2019 will be forthcoming.



General partners

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