Open Art Files – a platform to popularize Bulgarian contemporary art' 2020

The project continues and builds on the project "Open Art Files: Themes, People, Spaces, Documents in Bulgarian Contemporary Art", which in 2018 and 2019 created the bilingual site, the exhibition “Open Art Files: Notes and footnote" and educational panel to it, as well as a programme for working visits of curators in Sofia and Plovdiv.

In 2020/2021 6 new articles enriched the Topics of Open Art Files. The section contains texts from critics, curators, art historians, and artists that have to navigate the reader through the variety of groups, organizations, artists and curators who have contributed to the development of Bulgarian contemporary art. The time frame of the themes covers the 1980s to this day, and the thematic frame has no limitations – it is open for new readings and interpretations. This ensemble of texts aims to outline a non-linear history of processes and trends in Bulgarian art by presenting it from each author‘s different perspective.

Another pivotal contribution to the richer and richer archive for contemporary Bulgarian art and artists are the specially created in 2021 videos presenting the artistic communities in several Bulgarian cities - check them in the event

Open Art Files

The bilingual site in Bulgarian and English is a database/archive of Bulgarian contemporary art, an online library and an environment for art criticism. The website content is updated to create a more complete picture of the processes, the main problems, the artists and the events presenting the contemporary Bulgarian art scene. The content is built into four main panels: Topics, People, Spaces and Files, and is created in collaboration with experts and contemporary artists.

The project for 2020 aims to generate new content with specially created author's articles, curated by the critic and art critic Vera Mlechevska, as well as with new profiles of artists, curators, gallery owners, art historians and critics, institutions, creative organizations, private galleries and others. Public presentations, screenings and meetings will promote documentaries with representatives of Bulgarian contemporary art.

A project of the Open Arts Foundation, part of the Legacy Programme of Plovdiv 2019. 


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Programme Revive

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