The "ONE DANCE WEEK - International Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance" project by ONE Foundation for Culture and Arts is a highlight in the programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019, and will have three editions from 2017 to 2019.

ONE DANCE WEEK is the biggest forum in Bulgaria dedicated solely to contemporary dance – one of the fastest-developing genres in the contemporary art world. By presenting innovative and important cultural content, the festival aims at sustainable development of the current cultural scene in Bulgaria.

ONE DANCE WEEK 2019 (12 September – 20 October 2019)

KIND (CHILD) – 20 September

PEEKING TOM, one of the world's most thrilling and recognizable dance troupes, will be returning to Plovdiv to present its latest show, KIND (CHILD), as part of the ONE DANCE WEEK 2019 festival. KIND is the long-awaited dance interpretation of the convoluted children's world by the choreographers Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier. In Plovdiv, the performance will take place at the Boris Hristov House of Culture on 20 September 2019. KIND will be a highlight of ONE DANCE WEEK's special edition, part of the programme of Plovdiv 2019. Tickets online - HERE. Facebook event - HERE. 

MEDIUM (22 September)

Rising Indonesian choreographer Rianto joins the programme of ONE DANCE WEEK 2019. Known for his impressive dance vocabulary merging contemporary and traditional techniques from Central Java, he will present his first solo show, MEDIUM, in Plovdiv. Accompanied only by magical vocals and live percussion, Rianto will step onstage to embody a woman, a man, a bird. The show will take place in Boris Hristov House of Culture on the 22nd of September, at 19:00. Rianto is a rising dance star from Indonesia and the island of Java, a land rich in mysteries and identities. Facebook event HERE. Tickets online HERE.

Carmina Burana (29 September)

Szeged's contemporary ballet creates a magnificent spectacle in the music of one of the most performed classical works and gives him a completely different life.  Facebook event HERE. Tickets online HERE.

A Simple Space (18 October)

A contemporary circus piece is coming from Australia to premiere on the Bulgarian stage as part of ONE DANCE WEEK 2019. A SIMPLE SPACE by Gravity & Other Myths is an extreme demonstration of strength and skills by \ acrobats that will fly over your heads. Hang on because it's all for real. There’s no safety net or ropes. There is no technical assistance. The performance will take place at the Boris Hristov House of Culture on 18  September 2019, at 20:00. Facebook event HERE. Tickets online HERE.


The 11th edition of ONE DANCE WEEK in 2018 will take place from 21 September to 14 October. The festival features outstanding artists. A special Lithuanian focus of three performances will offer a meeting with the modern face of Lithuania. The youngest generation of artists will be presented in the Young Choreographers initiative. The festival features outstanding artists.

World Pre-premiere of the Spectacle # MINARET of the star Omar Rajeh | Maqamat Dance Theatre (Lebanon) will open the 11th edition of ONE DANCE WEEK on 21 September 2018 at 19:30 at the Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv.

22 September 2018, [K(-A-)O] & [LOVE] 

Japanese choreographer Kenji Shinohe presents two solo dance performances related to the modern human life. A dancer and choreographer, Kenji Shinohe graduated from the Nihon University College of Art and received a scholarship from that university to study at Germany’s Folkwang University of the Arts. He performs as a soloist and leads Die Tokyo Dance Crew and ELTEN. He has received many awards.

In [K(-A-)O], he explores how we express emotions with the keyboard symbols of the information era. [LOVE] is a short story about before to start love. How can we love someone or ourselves without any originality?

One of the most famous choreographers, the author of the spectacular ceremonies at Olympic stadiums in Athens and Baku - Dimitris Papaioannou*, became part of ONE DANCE WEEK. Dimitris Papaioannou arrives for the first time in Bulgaria with the performance "The Great Tamer"** on September 28, 29 and 30 at the Boris Hristov House of Culture. From 19:30, he will show the surreal magic that the whole world talks about.

“The Great Tamer“ is a performance-contemplation in which the ancient Greek worship of the human body intertwines with references to famous paintings and works of art on an impressive moving stage.

On 5 October 2018 at 19.30 ONE DANCE WEEK will present the contemporary circus spectacle Night of the Portuguese company CIRCOLANDO.

A trio of men and a DJ step into the dark territories in search of new clarities in this intensely physical and emotional dance inspired by life in the suburban areas and underground life. 

The show is not suitable for children under 16 years of age.

Limited seating. Advance ticket sales: 15 BGN. Save your seat at

Circolando is a transdisciplinary artistic company founded by André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo in 1999. Their productions combine dance, circus, and theater, with strong input from other creation fields: poetry, visual arts, music, video. The creators' initial affinity to circus lays within the name of the company. 

More about the event at Facebook.

On 6 October 2018 one more show will have its world premiere on the stage of ONE DANCE WEEK 2018 in October - ATMA, by the Greek artists Danae Dimitriadi and Dionysios Alamanos!

The show is a co-production of ONE DANCE WEEK, Big Story Performing Arts Services and the Barcelona-based Center Cívic de la Barceloneta. In August, at a creative residence in Plovdiv, the two artists will put on the final touches on their shows, developed on the dance miniature UNCIA. Danae Dimitriadi and Dionysios Alamanos will take us to a mysterious place where humans' superiority over animals does not exist. In 2018 alone, ATMA won three awards at the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC) – the XL award for production, the Conny Janssen Danst award, and an award from the Club Guy & Roni.

Get tickets for the world's premiere of "ATMA", here and in the offices of Easypay. Find details on Facebook.

7 October 2018 [DEMONS] by Kim Jin A, FIRST MEET, by Lee In Soo

October 7 will present a double bill: [DEMONS], by the choreographer Kim Jin A, and "First Meet," by Lee In So.
[DEMONS] is a miniature inspired by the traditional Korean dance Salp’uri and realized by the choreographer Kim Jin A and the visual artist Kim Ju-bin. The spectacle aims at restoring the inner peace of the living and calm the souls of the dead. The work impresses with gorgeous costumes and Eastern aesthetics of the movements.
Salp’uri has been performed and polished for centuries, and is considered today one of the most refined and popular creative achievements of folkdance in Korea.
"First Meet," by Lee In Soo, one of Korea's most popular choreographers, seeks the way to the self and self-knowledge. This one-man piece has already been shown in Korea, China, Hungary and the Czech Republic. It won the Grand Prix at the A Tánc Fesztiválja in Hungary in 2018.
The two performances' combined run time is 60 minutes, and admission to both is with a single ticket. There's an interval, but the audience will be asked to remain seated.


The special anniversary edition of ONE DANCE WEEK took place from 23 September to 15 October. The Taipei-based choreographer Huang Yi opened the festival with his “A Duet of Human and Robot”. The famed Japanese choreographer Shiro Takatani presented a large-scale visual-dance performance, “Chroma”. Artists from the Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, Bulgaria and Burkina Faso demonstrated some of the most captivating contemporary dance practices.

Find more information about ONE DANCE WEEK at -,, and ONE DANCE WEEK is a project by the ONE Foundation for Culture and Arts.

ONE DANCE WEEK 2018: THE GREAT TAMER by Dimitris Papaioannou 28.09.2018

Programme Revive

ONE DANCE WEEK 2018: THE GREAT TAMER by Dimitris Papaioannou 29.09.2018

Programme Revive

ONE DANCE WEEK 2018: THE GREAT TAMER by Dimitris Papaioannou 30.09.2018

Programme Revive

Димитрис Папайоану ще получи в Пловдив „Златен век“ от Министерството на културата

Beginning of ONE DANCE WEEK 2018



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