The platform that includes the integration of ethnic and minority groups and aims to bring together different generations and social groups and to overcome the borders of the isolated territories and zones.


Platform for re-thinking and reviving of forgotten and abandoned urban spaces as well as for changing the perception about them.


A platform that represents culture and cultural heritage preservation in contemporary context avoiding the stereotypes of the touristic attraction.


The platform that promotes sustainable living, Slow life, Slow food and Degrowth.

The programme of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture

We firmly believe that the similarities between us – whether among the different groups in Plovdiv, or the different cultures in Europe – are more than the features that separate us. And all our differences are actually the spices in our cultural and social life, which make it so amazing to live… Together.

The programme of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture is structured in four thematic platforms, linked to the typical features of our city, its cultural heritage, history, the rhythm of life, as well as to the problems and the stereotypes which we would like to overcome. The basic meaning and key for understanding the whole programme, the ideas of the different platforms and their inner logic is the motto “Together”. Clear and universal this motto summarizes in one word both the pride and the greatest challenges of our project.

The unification has enormous historical and cultural meaning for Plovdiv as a city in which coexist wide variety of ethnic groups and communities and in which had taken place one of the most important events in the new history of the country – The Unification of Bulgaria /1885/.

The unification not as a given label but as a constant conscious choice is also one of the core aims of the programme of Plovdiv as European Capital of Culture. That is why its structure is also specific. The projects are organised in the programme, not according to their types or genres, but in thematic „clusters“ based on their themes and concepts. Each of the programme platforms comprises of three “clusters”. All projects, despite their cluster division, are connected and intermingled with each other also through their audiences, the locations where they take place, participants, partners etc. Thus they contribute to the implementation of the programme as a whole and to the meaning of the motto “Together” as a real cultural process.

Check our programme highlights HERE, as well as the public events in February, March, April

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