Team Plovdiv 2019

The structure of the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation organises the team into  several departments according to their field of activity and mastery, thus covering artistic and production management and development, marketing and promotion, international and public relations, administrative, financial and the legal fields.

The implementation of an initiative as amazing as the project European Capital of Culture project requires a team that is ready to meet the challenges of the road, to offer expert solutions and creative approaches, to work hands-on, to communicate with all partners, to constantly cultivate and to pass on the baton to the next engaged and loving :)

The Artistic Director and the CEO share one level in the management structure in the entity, which guarantees the equality of the priorities and activities in the team. The structure of the team is set and follows the description in the bid book and the structure of the programme. Four project managers and the experts in the artistic team are responsible for the four platforms in the programme of Plovdiv 2019. Each project in the programme has its coordinator from the team of the Foundation.

The Plovdiv 2019 Foundation also works closely with external collaborators - financial controllers, legal advisors, monitoring experts, curators, translators, photographers and designers..

An important aim of the artistic team is the development of the volunteering programme which has a specific coordinator, working in full collaboration with the people responsible for the projects and with the production team. 

The offices of Plovdiv 2019 are on the fourth and fifth floors in SKLAD - the ex tobacco warehouse in the Tobacco City - 16 Ekzarh Yossif Str. You can schedule an appointment with the representatives of the team on the following emails and telephones:

Kiril Velchev


Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva

Artistic Director

Radost Ivanova

Deputy-Director Маrketing, Advertising and Commercial Activity

Victor Yankov

Deputy Director International Relations

Gina Kafedzhian

Deputy Director Programme

Tsvetelina Peneva

Expert Public Relations

Eva - Maria Raychevska

Legal Adviser

Tamara Dimitrova


Stanislava Tasheva

Projects and Events Manager

Reneta Georgieva

Projects and Events Manager

Vanya Grozdanova

Projects and Events Manager

Neli Blagova

Programme and Projects Expert

Elitsa Vasileva

Programme and Projects Expert

Denitsa Shishkova

Programme and Projects Expert

Stanislava Angelova

Programme and Projects Expert

Alexandra Darboklieva

Programme and Projects Expert

Lina Atura

Programme and Projects Expert

Diana Ivanova

Programme and Projects Expert

Таkuhi Tavityan

Programs and Projects Expert

Daniel Draganov

Expert International Relations

Marina Stanisheva

Expert International Relations

Evgeniya Dimitrova

Programme and Projecst Expert

Franz Kadiri

Volunteers and Regional Relations

Kami Clifton

Volunteers Coordinator Expert

Rositsa Todorova

Chief Accountant

Lyubena Karakehayova


Meglena Mileva

Payroll Expert

Gergana Stoykova


Yuliya Ivanova

Finance Controller

Lidia Valeva

Specialist Project Cost Control

Neli Stefanova

Specialist project cost control

Antoaneta Dimitrova

Specialist project cost control

Dima Stoyanova

Specialist Project Cost Control

Geno Doykov

Marketing and Advertising Expert

Violeta Dincheva

Marketing and Advertising Expert

Petya Terziyska

Marketing Expert

Milena Petkovа

Marketing and Advertising Еxpert

Victoria Todorova

Marketing and Advertising Expert

Toni Stankova

Marketing and Advertising Expert

Veska Ivanova

Office manager

Mira Zrancheva

Office Manager

Tanya Hristova

Office Manager

Dimitar Dalchev

IT Expert

Maria Koleva


Lilyana Papukchieva

Office Maintenance



General partners

EU Japan Fest

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