Get To Stolipinovo – #GetToExplore 

The project’s name – "GetToStolipinovo" is a wordplay with an emphasis on a change in thinking and meanings: instead of as a "ghetto", Stolipinovo is presented as a place to go to. In addition, the project is aimed at offering an opportunity to understand Stolipinovo (another meaning of "to get"). The project is meant to have a long-term impact, directed at Stolipinovo’s youth and offering opportunities for the young people’s active participation in public life.

#GetToExplore – collecting stories, myths and traditions of the people in Stolipinovo (March 2018 - December 2019) , as well as organising training sessions (February, June - October 2018, June - October 2019) with young people in Plovdiv and the region ("How to Be a Story Finder").

„GetToStolipinovo" is a project by the Association 'Youth Club Roma – Stolipinovo 1996'.



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